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NASCAR Community Backlash: Controversy Over Corey LaJoie’s Fan Choice Award

NASCAR Community Backlash: The 2023 NASCAR Fan Choice Awards recently revealed Corey LaJoie as the recipient of the coveted title for the best driver on social media this season. However, the decision failed to resonate well with the broader NASCAR community.

LaJoie, known for his podcast ‘Stacking Pennies,’ maintains a visible presence within the social media landscape. Yet, his overall impact fails to stand out significantly. While occasionally engaging in content that challenges the likes of Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick on their shoe collections, LaJoie’s overall activity lacks the depth observed in the online discourse of figures like Denny Hamlin and Rodney Childers.

Upon the announcement that the Fan Choice Award went to the Spire Motorsports driver, reactions were swift and critical. Many voiced their disbelief, suggesting that the award was more fitting for someone like Hamlin, known for a more substantial and engaging presence online. There was a prevailing sentiment that Hamlin’s podcast far surpassed the appeal of LaJoie’s ‘stacking pennies.’

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In some quarters, skepticism arose regarding the legitimacy of the award. Speculations emerged, with fans calling out NASCAR for potentially influencing the voting process in favor of LaJoie, particularly considering the podcast’s association with NASCAR itself. This led to questions regarding the fairness of the selection process, hinting at a belief that more deserving candidates might have been overlooked in the final decision-making.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Does anyone care about NASCAR anymore?

Over the years, NASCAR has experienced a steady decline in popularity. In fact, its TV viewership hit an all-time low in 2018, and race day attendance has also suffered. This is a far cry from its peak in 2005.

Is NASCAR still in decline?

NASCAR viewership has taken a hit this season, with all point-counting races averaging 2.86 million viewers between NBC and Fox. This marks a 5% decrease from the previous year, according to SBJ’s Austin Karp.

Is NASCAR attendance down in 2023?

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series season came to a gentle close last weekend, but unfortunately, it was the least-watched season on record. Across FOX, FS1, NBC, and USA Network, the season averaged 2.86 million viewers, which is a 5% decrease from last year’s 3.03 million. Despite the dip in viewership, NASCAR remains a beloved sport for many, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this exciting racing series.

Stock car racing is a beloved pastime in the southeastern United States, with North Carolina boasting the largest population of NASCAR enthusiasts. However, other cities such as Roanoke, Virginia also have a significant fan base, with 32 percent of the population reported to be fans. Orlando is another city where the sport has a huge following. Whether it’s the thrill of the race or the sense of community that comes with being a fan, stock car racing continues to captivate audiences across the region.

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