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Best Driver on Social Media: Corey LaJoie’s NASCAR Fan Choice Triumph

Best Driver on Social Media: Spire Motorsports driver Corey LaJoie clinched the NASCAR Fan Choice Award for “Best Driver on Social Media” as the curtains fell on the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series season.

The results for the NASCAR Fan Choice Awards were unveiled on November 21, a week following the closure of voting across various award categories. LaJoie emerged victorious in the ‘Best Driver on Social Media’ category, resonating with fans for his consistent engagement across social platforms. His active presence, whether promoting the “Stacking Pennies” podcast or unveiling eye-catching paint schemes, garnered widespread fan approval.

Reacting to his win, LaJoie took to social media with a heartfelt video, expressing gratitude to the fans for this distinctive recognition.

In his video message, LaJoie expressed, “It’s a significant day. Your votes have honored me as NASCAR’s top driver on social media. It means a lot to win this, appreciate all the support.”

He continued, acknowledging his team’s efforts, “Big thanks to my team for providing me with competitive rides throughout this career-defining year. We came close to victory several times, led countless laps. 2024 promises to be even more significant. We’ve got exciting things in the pipeline.”

LaJoie extended his appreciation to the fans, “To the fans, your unwavering support, tuning in to podcasts, engaging on socials, cheering on race days – means the world. Our partners play a significant role too; your support keeps this going. Anticipation is high for the Daytona 500, folks. Wishing you all a fantastic Thanksgiving.”

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Behind the wheel of the #7 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Hendrick Motorsports, LaJoie showcased his most successful NASCAR Cup Series season in 2023. While victory eluded him, he showcased a strong performance, consistently running among the leaders. Securing two top-five and three top-10 finishes, he capped the season in 25th place in the Cup Series standings.

During a noteworthy incident where Chase Elliott faced suspension by NASCAR for an intentional collision with Denny Hamlin at Charlotte, LaJoie filled in, steering the Hendrick Motorsports #9 Chevrolet. Despite starting from 30th, he concluded the race in 21st position.

Witness Corey LaJoie in action alongside Spire Motorsports as the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series launches at Daytona International Speedway on February 18.

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