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Shane van Gisbergen Transition: From Supercars to NASCAR’s Next Chapter

Shane van Gisbergen Transition: Shane van Gisbergen expressed more enthusiasm than sorrow as his tenure as a Supercars full-timer reached its conclusion, setting his sights on a transition to the United States for a career in the NASCAR system.

The three-time series champion’s final appearance in Supercars concluded without a dramatic send-off, marred by tough outings in Adelaide that resulted in a missed shot at the drivers’ title.

His title aspirations were shattered on Saturday’s opening lap after a collision with Will Brown‘s car at Turn 4. Sunday’s race saw the Kiwi grappling with braking woes in his Red Bull Camaro, leading to an early retirement.

Despite the disappointing weekend, van Gisbergen harbored no feelings of melancholy bidding adieu to his illustrious 17-year Supercars journey. Instead, he directed his focus towards the forthcoming chapter, brimming with excitement for his prospects in a different setting.

“It’s been something I’ve been preparing for over the past few months,” van Gisbergen shared. “This year has been pretty rough for everyone, as documented widely. So, oddly, I don’t feel sad. I’m more thrilled to embrace a change and get behind the wheel of a different car.”

The Kiwi racer reflected on the gradual acceptance of this transition. “Over the last few weeks, I’ve been acknowledging this shift. I recently had a farewell gathering with my mates, and during our last race together, I knew it might be a while before I return to New Zealand.”

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He added, “The gradual realization has been good. I aimed for two solid finishes to close this chapter. But honestly, I’m not overly crestfallen about it; it’s more about the anticipation for what lies ahead.”

Regarding his race-ending incident today, van Gisbergen expressed disappointment at not seeing the race through. “The race was tough,” he admitted. “I pushed hard at the start, making some aggressive moves. Yet, things took a turn before the pitstop. Exiting felt odd, like a wheel might come loose.”

“After the pit, things didn’t improve. Despite changing dampers, the issue persisted. It’s regrettable. Just finishing the race would’ve been gratifying. Though this stint has been challenging, it’s essential to remember the good years with this team.”

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