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Turismo Carretera Transformation: Embracing Evolution in Motorsports

Turismo Carretera Transformation: In the realm of motorsports, while speed holds utmost importance, the visual appeal also captivates fans. Argentina’s Turismo Carretera Series, the world’s oldest active motorsport series, has stirred interest among NASCAR enthusiasts regarding the appearance of their cars in the upcoming 2024 season.

Established in 1937, spanning over eight decades, Turismo Carretera stands as the oldest ongoing auto-racing series. With its inception marking the beginning of stock car racing, the series has endured through time, following a format akin to NASCAR, featuring both ‘normal’ and ‘special’ races.

Recently, the series unveiled its cars for the upcoming season, drawing inspiration from NASCAR’s Next-Gen cars, V8 Supercars, and Trans-Am. The unveiling took place at the Aldo Cantoni stadium in San Juan, witnessing the presence of notable figures such as ACTC authorities, pilots, and Jorge Chica, the Secretary of Sports of the Province of San Juan.

The 86th edition of the series approaches, with Mariano Werner, the defending champion, aiming to emulate the iconic Fangio’s back-to-back championships from the 1940s. A challenging feat indeed, yet Werner has already secured successful title defenses in 2020 and 2021 with Ford.

A longstanding rivalry between Chevrolet and Ford dominates the Turismo Carretera. Ford boasts the most successful streak, reigning supreme for 19 years from 1947 to 1965, while Chevrolet has secured multiple titles, though not as dominantly.

Looking beyond history, the series anticipates a promising future with its revamped car designs, garnering swift acclaim from NASCAR fans.

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Social media platforms like Reddit became a sounding board for fans’ reactions to the Turismo Carretera cars. The response proved overwhelmingly positive, particularly towards the Dodge Challenger. Praises poured in, with fans expressing admiration for the aesthetics. “That Dodge is beautiful,” remarked one fan.

Others chimed in, echoing the sentiment, “It just looks right,” and lauding the Dodge Challenger’s appeal, “That challenger.”

These redesigned cars mark a departure from the body styles prevalent since the 1970s, prompting fans to appreciate the upgrade. “Apparently these are replacing body styles that the series has used since the 70s. I’d say it’s an improvement,” shared one fan.

Expressing a mix of nostalgia and appreciation for the new look, another fan commented, “Kinda sad to see the old cars go, they’re totally wild and I love how they look plastered in billions of logos, but these look amazing.”

The Turismo Carretera is set to feature visually stunning cars on its tracks in the upcoming season. Will you be tuning in to witness the spectacle of the Argentinian stock-car racing series?

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is the stock car racing in Argentina?

Turismo Carretera, which translates to Road Touring, is a well-known stock car racing series in Argentina. It holds the title of being the oldest auto racing series that is still active in the world. The Asociación Corredores de Turismo Carretera is responsible for organizing this popular event.

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