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The Petty Legacy: Celebrating 75 Years of NASCAR Excellence

The Petty Legacy: In 2024, the Petty family is set to commemorate an impressive 75-year legacy in racing. Starting their journey in 1949, Lee Petty, alongside his wife Elizabeth, ventured into the world of stock car racing after discovering NASCAR’s inaugural sanctioned race in Charlotte, N.C. Despite Lee’s 17th-place finish that summer day, this marked the genesis of an enterprise spanning four generations.

Throughout the ensuing seven decades, the Petty family has left an indelible mark on the sport. Their influence has permeated various facets, ranging from driving and mechanical expertise to managerial roles and philanthropy. By nurturing talent across fields—drivers, crew chiefs, mechanics, fabricators, and more—the Petty family paved the way for countless individuals to become leaders in their respective trades. Their commitment, innovation, and steadfast dedication played a pivotal role in propelling NASCAR into the national spotlight, all while staying rooted in their humble origins.

Kyle Petty, reflecting on the family’s NASCAR journey, noted, “My father embodies the living history of NASCAR. From the inaugural NASCAR race in Charlotte in 1949 alongside my grandfather, grandmother, and uncle Maurice, our family’s presence in the sport has been unwavering. There’s hardly an experience in NASCAR that our family hasn’t encountered.”

Richard Petty, revered as “The King,” expressed his enthusiasm for commemorating the family’s 75 years in the racing domain. “Celebrating the successes and contributions our family has made to the racing world is truly special. It all began as a family endeavor with my parents, extended to my brother Maurice, cousin Dale Inman, and then carried on by Kyle, Timmy, Ritchie, Mark, Adam, and now Thad. We eagerly anticipate sharing these cherished stories with our fans.”

Ritchie Petty, son of Maurice, emphasized the collective effort behind the family’s achievements. “It’s exceptional because it required our entire family to achieve such remarkable success. Every member played an integral role—from my grandfather to my father and all my cousins. We all contributed to the growth and accomplishments of the Petty family in NASCAR.”

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To mark this significant milestone, the Petty family will unveil a new commemorative logo, prominently displayed at all related events in 2024 and on the Legacy Motor Club race cars. Additionally, a year-long celebration will feature exclusive digital and social media content, showcasing never-before-seen archival photos and videos from the Petty family. This exclusive content will be accessible via various social media handles, including @therichardpetty, @pettybrothersracing, @kylepetty, @pettymuseum, @pettysgarage, and an upcoming YouTube channel.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Richard Petty involved with Legacy Motor Club?

As Club Ambassador, Richard Petty, also known as “The King,” was a key figure in the acquisition of Richard Petty Motorsports by Gallagher in 2021. The team was subsequently renamed Petty GMS. In 2023, with the addition of Johnson to the ownership structure, the organization underwent a rebranding and became LEGACY MOTOR CLUB™ (LEGACY M.C.).

Can you visit Legacy Motor Club?

Come visit Legacy Motor Club and GMS Racing in Statesville! Our lobby is open to visitors and we’d love to have you stop by. For more information and to plan your visit, check us out online. We can’t wait to see you!

Is Richard Petty Motorsports still in business?

For over 70 years, the Petty family has been a prominent force in NASCAR. The family’s racing legacy began in 1949 when Petty Enterprises was founded by Richard Petty’s father. In 2009, the team was rebranded as Richard Petty Motorsports. Last season, the team merged with GMS Racing and became Petty GMS, with Maury Gallagher as the majority owner. The Petty name remains a fixture in the world of racing, with a rich history and a bright future ahead.

What brand did Richard Petty drive?

Petty made the switch to Ford as he felt that Plymouth was not up to par on super-speedways. Although he had his sights set on a sleek Dodge Daytona, Chrysler executives urged him to stick with Plymouth. Despite this, Petty managed to win an impressive 10 races and secure a second-place finish in points.

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