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Indy 500 vs Monaco GP: Drivers’ Duel for Motorsport Supremacy

Indy 500 vs Monaco GP: The enduring debate between the Indy 500 at Indianapolis and the F1 race at Monaco has perpetuated within the motorsports community. Typically, NASCAR drivers favor the Indy 500, yet John Hunter Nemechek’s recent divergence toward the F1 event in Monte Carlo has added an intriguing twist to this ongoing discussion.

Nemechek, a full-time contender in the NASCAR Cup Series driving for Legacy Motor Club, has swiftly ascended the ranks at just 26 years old. In 4 years and 41 races, he’s challenged formidable names in racing, aiming to etch his mark. His recent preference for the Monaco GP over the Indy 500 implies a willingness to stand by an unconventional choice.

While the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Champion, Kyle Larson, has long expressed a desire to participate in the Indy 500, NASCAR luminary Tony Stewart has already realized this aspiration, securing a commendable fifth-place finish in the Indianapolis 500.

Contrary to the norm, Nemechek openly expresses his preference for F1 over the Indy 500. During the Money Lap podcast, when queried by Parker Kligerman – “An F1 car at Monaco or Indy Car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway” – the 26-year-old promptly chose F1 at Monaco.

Nemechek explained, “F1 at Monaco. I feel like Monaco is such an iconic place to go and run. I thoroughly enjoyed the street race at Chicago last year. I thought it was really cool, with diverse characteristics. Since I was a kid, I’ve tuned into Monaco every time they’ve run there with F1. So running an F1 car, how can you beat that at this point?”

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While Nemechek’s inclination towards F1 at Monaco promises an immersive experience, he’s yet to achieve what Tony Stewart did in both NASCAR and the Indy 500.

Only four drivers—Tony Stewart, Robby Gordon, John Andretti, and Kurt Busch—have tackled both the Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on the same day. However, of these attempts, only Stewart successfully completed both races.

On May 27, 2001, Stewart finished 6th at the Indianapolis 500, marking his final Indy car race. Swiftly traveling to Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600, he secured a remarkable 3rd place despite starting 43rd, the last spot.

Given the extensive fan base and global reach of both the Indy 500 and F1, differing opinions among drivers on their preferred race are expected. Which would you choose between these two iconic races?

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Our Reader’s Queries

Why is Monaco GP the same day as Indy 500?

As per tradition, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500 will both take place on 29 May. The former is held on the first Sunday after the Ascension, while the latter is scheduled for the day before US Memorial Day. This clash is similar to horse racing hosting the Grand National and the Cheltenham Gold Cup on the same day.

Which is faster F1 car or IndyCar?

When it comes to speed, F1 cars are known for their agility on the track, but IndyCars take the lead in terms of top speed. During a race, Indy cars can reach impressive speeds of over 240 mph, while F1 cars typically max out at around 220 mph. It’s clear that both types of cars are incredibly fast, but IndyCars have the edge when it comes to pure speed.

Is Monaco too small for F1?

Designers in Monaco face a challenging task, but it’s not insurmountable. One solution could be to eliminate the Nouvelle Chicane and introduce a DRS zone before the Tunnel. This would create a second straight, providing F1 drivers with an opportunity to overtake.

Why is Monaco GP so special?

The Monaco Grand Prix boasts a storied past, with numerous iconic drivers and teams having vied for victory on its track throughout the years. Its reputation for unpredictability is well-earned, as the circuit’s narrow confines and fickle weather conditions frequently result in surprising outcomes.

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