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NASCAR Owner Standings Post SpeedyCash.com 250: Who’s Surging Ahead?

NASCAR Owner Standings Post SpeedyCash.com 250: Following the conclusion of the SpeedyCash.com 250 at Texas Motor Speedway, Texas which marked the seventh race out of 23 in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the updated owner point standings reveal notable shifts and developments.

The standings reflect the overall performance of the teams throughout the season, with points awarded based on finishing positions in each race. Teams that excelled at Texas Motor Speedway likely saw improvements in their standings, while others may have faced setbacks.

As the season progresses, these standings will continue to evolve, shaping the competitive landscape of the series. Keeping track of these standings provides valuable insight into the overall performance and competitiveness of teams competing for success in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

Updated Owner Point Standings:

RankNo.TeamAttemptsPointsDiffWinsStage WinsPlayoff Points
17Spire Motorsports7288250
219McAnally Hilgemann Racing7287-12313
311TRICON Garage7285-3116
498ThorSport Racing7275-13022
52Rev Racing7260-28116
617TRICON Garage7249-39000
718McAnally Hilgemann Racing7244-44011
871Spire Motorsports7233-55105
991McAnally Hilgemann Racing7198-90000
1088ThorSport Racing7195-93000
1145Niece Motorsports7183-105011
1215TRICON Garage7171-117000
139CR7 Motorsports7167-121000
1443McAnally Hilgemann Racing7162-126000
1599ThorSport Racing7161-127000
1652Halmar Friesen Racing7150-138000
1741Niece Motorsports7143-145000
1813ThorSport Racing7143-145000
191TRICON Garage7141-147000
2032Bret Holmes Racing7131-157000
2177Spire Motorsports7130-158000
2205TRICON Garage7122-166000
2356Hill Motorsports7119-169000
2425Rackley W.A.R.7108-180000
2538Front Row Motorsports7106-182000
2602Young’s Motorsports799-189000
2775Henderson Motorsports496-192000
2876Freedom Racing Enterprises791-197000
2933Reaume Brothers Racing790-198000
3022Reaume Brothers Racing790-198000
3166ThorSport Racing575-213000
3242Niece Motorsports771-217000
3346Faction Motorsports755-233000
3428FDNY Racing128-260000
354Roper Racing221-267000
36121Floridian Motorsports321-267000
3797CR7 Motorsports114-274000
3812Young’s Motorsports111-277000
3920Young’s Motorsports310-278000
4027Reaume Brothers Racing16-282000
4190Terry Carroll Motorsports26-282000
4214Trey Hutchens Racing12-286000
4395GK Racing10-288000
4410Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing10-288000
45136Ryan Huff Motorsports10-288000

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Augustine Gomes
Augustine Gomes
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