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Pacific Office Automation 147 Qualifying Order: Epic Lineup

Pacific Office Automation 147 Qualifying Order: The Pacific Office Automation 147 at Portland International Raceway promises a thrilling contest, highlighted by a carefully crafted qualifying order that showcases experience and emerging talent. Group A, led by Preston Pardus, compares seasoned veterans like Matt DiBenedetto with up-and-coming talents such as Hailie Deegan. In contrast, Group B, guided by Ed Jones, offers an interesting mix of rising stars like Austin Green and the experienced skills of drivers like Sheldon Creed. The presence of international talent like Shane van Gisbergen and consistent performers like Justin Allgaier adds further depth.

Key Highlights

  • Preston Pardus leads Group A in the qualifying order for the Pacific Office Automation 147.
  • Ed Jones is the first driver in Group B for the qualifying session.
  • Group A includes notable drivers like Matt DiBenedetto and Hailie Deegan.
  • Group B features competitors such as Austin Green and Sheldon Creed.
  • High-profile participants include AJ Allmendinger, Sam Mayer, and Shane van Gisbergen.

NASCAR’s Pacific Office Automation 147 at Portland International Raceway

NASCAR’s Pacific Office Automation 147 at Portland International Raceway marks the 13th race of the 2024 Xfinity Series season, commencing on Saturday, June 1, at 4:30 pm ET on the renowned 1.967-mile asphalt road course in Portland, Oregon. This important race is situated within the broader context of the Xfinity Series, known for its rigorous competition and strategic driving. As the series approaches its midpoint, the race at Portland is a critical point for drivers competing to solidify their standings.

The Portland International Raceway, with its permanent road course configuration, presents a unique set of challenges distinct from traditional oval tracks. Its 1.967-mile length includes a blend of high-speed straights and technical corners, demanding a versatile skill set from competitors. This variation tests drivers’ abilities to manage tire wear, braking points, and acceleration zones effectively, making it a thorough examination of their racing skills.

Pacific Office Automation 147 Qualifying Order (2)

Historically, the Pacific Office Automation 147 has been a race where strategic pit stops and precise driving can dramatically influence outcomes. The track’s layout encourages opportunities for overtaking, particularly in areas such as the chicanes and hairpin turns, where braking and acceleration timing are important. Additionally, weather conditions in Portland can add an unpredictable element, potentially impacting grip levels and race strategies.

Qualifying Sessions and Defending Champion

As the anticipation builds for the Pacific Office Automation 147, the focus shifts to the critical practice and qualifying sessions scheduled for Saturday, June 1, which will set the stage for the 75-lap main event. The day’s activities will commence with the important practice session at 11:30 am ET, followed by the qualifying session at 12 pm ET, both of which will be broadcast live on FS1. These sessions are paramount, as they will determine the starting grid for the race, thereby setting the tone for the competition.

The practice session offers all the 39 drivers a vital opportunity to fine-tune their vehicles and strategies. It serves as a testing ground where teams can gather data, adjust setups, and optimize performance. Given the unique demands of the Portland International Raceway, mastering the practice session is instrumental for a strong showing in the subsequent qualifying round and ultimately, the main event.

Defending champion Cole Custer, representing Stewart-Haas Racing, will certainly be a focal point. His previous victory in the Pacific Office Automation 147 highlights his proficiency on this track and sets high expectations for his performance this year. Custer’s experience and previous success will be advantageous, yet the competitive nature of the Xfinity Series means he will face formidable opposition.

Qualifying Order

The qualifying order for the Pacific Office Automation 147 has been carefully organized into two groups, with Preston Pardus and Ed Jones leading Group A and Group B, respectively. This structured arrangement plays a crucial role in setting the stage for an intensely competitive qualifying session at the Portland International Raceway.

Group A highlights a diverse range of talent, beginning with Preston Pardus at the forefront. Notable names such as Frankie Muniz and Logan Bearden follow closely, both bringing unique skill sets to the table. Veteran drivers like Matt DiBenedetto and Parker Kligerman are also in the mix, expected to utilize their experience to secure advantageous starting positions.

Young guns like Hailie Deegan and Ryan Truex are set to challenge the status quo, while seasoned competitors like Justin Allgaier and Sage Karam add depth to the lineup. The presence of international talent, Shane van Gisbergen, further spices up the competition, making Group A a compelling blend of experience and youthful enthusiasm.

Drivers Time
Preston Pardus 42.4
Frankie Muniz 39.95
Logan Bearden 34.75
Blaine Perkins 34.25
Sage Karam 31.9
Matt DiBenedetto 288.25
Parker Kliigerman 27.4
Hailie Deegan 25.1
Josh Bilicki 24.65
Leland Honeyman 23
Ryan Truex 20.05
Justin Allgaier 19
Kyle Weatherman 18.1
Shane van Gisbergen 16.75
Jesse Love 16.4
Josh Williams 14.55
Ryan Sieg 11.5
Sammy Smith 8.5
Brandon Jones 6.2


Group B, led by Ed Jones, is equally formidable. The group includes a mix of rising stars and seasoned veterans. Drivers like Austin Green and Patrick Gallagher are poised to make their mark, while the likes of Sheldon Creed and Cole Custer bring proven track records to the table. AJ Allmendinger, known for his road course skills, is a standout participant, expected to deliver a strong performance. The inclusion of drivers such as Sam Mayer and Chandler Smith adds competitive intrigue, setting the stage for a thrilling qualifying round.

Pacific Office Automation 147 Qualifying Order (4)

Drivers Time
Ed Jones 43.45
Austin Green 40.3
Patrick Gallagher 35.35
Garrett Smithley 34.5
#92 32.75
#14 31.1
Ryan Ellis 27.65
Brennan Poole 25.4
Kyle Sieg 24.8
Riley Herbst 24.5
Sheldon Creed 22.65
Jeb Burton 19.05
Cole Custer 19
Jeremy Clements 17.6
Anthony Alfredo 16.45
Parker Retzlaff 16.2
Austin Hill 14.5
Chandler Smith 10.15
Sam Mayer 7.25
AJ Allmendinger 6.15

Live Coverage

In order to capture every exhilarating moment of the Pacific Office Automation 147 Qualifying session, live coverage will be broadcast on FS1 and MRN, ensuring fans have exceptional access to the event. This dual-platform broadcast strategy provides thorough coverage for avid NASCAR Xfinity Series followers, combining the visual intensity of FS1’s television broadcast with the immersive auditory experience offered by MRN’s radio commentary.

FS1’s live coverage will deliver high-definition visuals of the qualifying laps, showcasing the technical skill and strategic intelligence of the drivers as they navigate the Portland International Raceway. The network’s expert commentary team is expected to provide insightful analysis, dissecting every critical move and split-second decision made on the track. By leveraging advanced camera angles and real-time telemetry data, FS1 aims to enrich viewer engagement, making the qualifying session a must-watch for racing enthusiasts.

Complementing the television broadcast, MRN’s radio coverage will bring a different dimension to the event, capturing the raw sounds and immediate reactions from the teams and drivers. With veteran announcers at the lead, MRN will offer detailed play-by-play descriptions, ensuring that listeners feel as though they are right there at the racetrack. The radio broadcast will also include interviews and pit lane reports, adding context and depth to the live coverage.

Pacific Office Automation 147 Qualifying Order (3)

News in Brief: Pacific Office Automation 147 Qualifying Order

The Pacific Office Automation 147 qualifying order at Portland International Raceway features a carefully selected lineup that balances experienced veterans and up-and-coming talents across two groups.

The inclusion of renowned drivers such as Preston Pardus and Ed Jones, alongside emerging stars and international competitors, highlights the event’s competitive diversity. This dynamic array of participants promises to deliver an engaging and unpredictable qualifying session, setting the stage for an exciting race.

Live coverage will guarantee audiences do not miss any crucial moments.

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