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Pacific Office Automation 147 Starting Lineup: Pole Position Set

Pacific Office Automation 147 Starting Lineup: The Pacific Office Automation 147 at World Wide Technology Raceway marks a crucial moment in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, as Sam Mayer clinches pole position, a critical advantage in a sport where track position often dictates strategy and outcomes. Remarkably, Shane van Gisbergen‘s presence on the front row introduces an intriguing dynamic, given his skills in international racing circuits. With a field comprising seasoned veterans like Riley Herbst and Cole Custer, alongside strategic contenders such as Justin Allgaier and Sheldon Creed, the race promises a blend of tactical expertise and raw speed. The unfolding narrative is sure to captivate those invested in the intricacies of motorsport competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Sam Mayer secured his first pole position for the Pacific Office Automation 147 with a lap time of 73.375 seconds at 96.654 mph.
  • Shane van Gisbergen will start alongside Mayer, showcasing his adaptability with a qualifying speed of 96.596 mph.
  • The lineup features 38 NASCAR Xfinity drivers, with Riley Herbst and Cole Custer starting in the front rows.
  • The race at World Wide Technology Raceway starts at 4:30 pm ET, featuring a blend of high-speed straights and technical corners.
  • Expect tactical battles and strategic pit stops as drivers aim to exploit their starting positions for an edge in the race.

Sam Mayer Secures Pole Position for Pacific Office Automation 147

In a significant milestone for the 2024 NASCAR Xfinity Series, Sam Mayer secured his maiden pole position of the season for the Pacific Office Automation 147 at the World Wide Technology Raceway, clocking a lap time of 73.375 seconds at an average speed of 96.654 mph. This achievement marks Mayer’s fourth career pole in the runner-up-tier NASCAR series, underscoring his growing prowess on the circuit.

Mayer, a driver for JR Motorsports, demonstrated exceptional skill and precision in the qualifying session. His performance at the World Wide Technology Raceway, a track known for its demanding combination of long straights and technical corners, showcased his ability to navigate varying track conditions efficiently. Achieving an average speed of 96.654 mph is indicative of his adeptness at maintaining high velocity while executing the complex turns that characterize this raceway.

Securing pole position has significant strategic advantages in NASCAR. It provides the pole-sitter with the prime starting spot, free from the immediate turbulence and congestion that typify third-place racing. This clear track ahead allows drivers to establish a rhythm and manage tire degradation more effectively. For Mayer, capturing this pole position could be pivotal in his quest for a breakout season in the 2024 Xfinity Series.

Pacific Office Automation 147 Starting Lineup (2)

Front Row Starting Lineup

Sharing the front row with Sam Mayer is three-time Supercars champion Shane van Gisbergen, who makes an impactful start to his inaugural full-time Xfinity season with a qualifying lap speed of 96.596 mph. Van Gisbergen’s shift from Supercars to the Xfinity series is remarkable, as it underlines his adaptability and proficiency in diverse motorsport disciplines.

Van Gisbergen’s presence in the front row is a validation of his technical acumen and racecraft, which he honed through years of competing in the highly competitive Supercars Championship. This achievement places him in an advantageous position, allowing him to utilize his experience in high-pressure situations to potentially dominate the race.

The front row lineup is pivotal in the context of the Pacific Office Automation 147, as it often dictates the early tempo of the race. The dynamics between Mayer and van Gisbergen will be essential, as both drivers bring contrasting styles and strategic approaches to the track.

Complete Starting Lineup

The complete starting lineup for the Pacific Office Automation 147 at World Wide Technology Raceway features 38 NASCAR Xfinity drivers, each poised to maneuver the complex dynamics of this high-stakes race. Leading the grid is Sam Mayer, an emerging talent whose pole position could serve as a pivotal advantage on this challenging course. Shane Van Gisbergen starts alongside Mayer, bringing his international racing prowess to the fore.

Riley Herbst and Cole Custer, starting in the third and fourth positions respectively, add a layer of experienced aggression to the front rows, while seasoned competitors like Justin Allgaier and Sheldon Creed in fifth and sixth positions offer formidable opposition. Parker Kligerman, Josh Bilicki, and Sammy Smith, positioned seventh, eighth, and ninth, respectively, are drivers known for their strategic acumen and adaptability, qualities vital for maneuvering the subtle turns and straights of this raceway.

Pacific Office Automation 147 Starting Lineup (4)

AJ Allmendinger, starting in the tenth spot, is a former road course specialist whose skills could be decisive. The midfield, comprising drivers such as Chandler Smith, Jesse Love, and Ryan Truex, is packed with drivers capable of delivering surprise performances. Sage Karam and Parker Retzlaff round out the top fifteen, both known for their aggressive yet calculated driving styles.

Car # Driver
1 Sam Mayer
97 Shane Van Gisbergen#
98 Riley Herbst
0 Cole Custer
7 Justin Allgaier
18 Sheldon Creed
48 Parker Kligerman
19 Josh Bilicki
8 Sammy Smith
16 AJ Allmendinger
81 Chandler Smith
2 Jesse Love#
20 Ryan Truex
26 Sage Karam
31 Parker Retzlaff
27 Jeb Burton
24 Ed Jones
21 Austin Hill
5 Anthony Alfredo
9 Brandon Jones
36 Preston Pardus
11 Josh Williams
91 Kyle Weatherman
39 Ryan Sieg
43 Ryan Ellis
32 Austin Green
51 Jeremy Clements
44 Brennan Poole
38 Matt DiBenedetto
14 Andre Castro
29 Blaine Perkins
42 Leland Honeyman#
7 Logan Bearden
4 Garrett Smithley
92 Nathan Byrd
6 Patrick Gallagher
28 Kyle Sieg
15 Hailie Deegan

Further down the lineup, experienced drivers like Austin Hill (positioned 17th) and Jeremy Clements (27th) are expected to utilize their racecraft to climb through the ranks. Notable mentions include Matt DiBenedetto in 29th and Hailie Deegan in the 38th position, both of whom have the potential to disrupt the established order with their tenacity.

This assembly of drivers sets the stage for a riveting race, with each competitor aiming to exploit their starting position to gain a pivotal edge in this fiercely contested event.

Race Details

Set against the backdrop of World Wide Technology Raceway, the Pacific Office Automation 147 promises an intricate blend of high-speed straights and technical corners that will test the drivers’ skill and strategy to the fullest. Known for its unique 1.25-mile asymmetrical oval, the circuit presents a formidable challenge with a mix of long, fast sections and tight, precise turns. This characteristic forces teams to strike a delicate balance between top-end speed and cornering agility, making car setup and tire management pivotal factors in the pursuit of victory.

The race, scheduled to commence at 4:30 pm ET, will feature the finest talents of the NASCAR Xfinity Series, each vying for supremacy on this storied track. World Wide Technology Raceway, formerly known as Gateway Motorsports Park, has a rich history of thrilling finishes and tactical battles, further amplifying the stakes for today’s event.

Key aspects to watch for include:

  • Turn 1 and 2 Complex: These tighter corners require precision braking and throttle control, often serving as the critical juncture for overtaking maneuvers.
  • Backstretch: A high-speed section where drivers can exploit slipstreams, setting up for potential passes into Turn 3.
  • Pit Strategy: With tire wear being a significant factor, the timing and efficiency of pit stops could very well determine the race outcome.

Expect the race to be a masterclass in drafting, braking, and aerodynamic efficiency, as teams navigate the technical demands of this hybrid oval. The Pacific Office Automation 147 is not merely a test of speed but a crucible for racing intellect and mechanical prowess, promising a spectacle of NASCAR’s finest competition.

Pacific Office Automation 147 Starting Lineup (1)

News in Brief: Pacific Office Automation 147 Starting Lineup

The Pacific Office Automation 147 starting lineup, headlined by Sam Mayer’s pole position, signifies a competitive and technically demanding race ahead.

The presence of seasoned drivers such as Shane van Gisbergen, Riley Herbst, and Cole Custer highlights the high-caliber nature of this NASCAR Xfinity event.

As the race unfolds at World Wide Technology Raceway, the interplay of driver skill, strategic maneuvers, and vehicle performance will be critical in determining the ultimate victor, promising an exhilarating motor sports spectacle.

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