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Xfinity Series Crew Member Benched After New Hampshire Race

Xfinity Series Crew Member Benched: Dennis Powell, a key crew member for Young’s Motorsports, has been issued a one-race suspension for improperly installing a rear axle during the SciAps 200 at New Hampshire. This violation led to the rear axle dislodging and causing a crash involving their driver, leading to the enforcement of NASCAR Rule Book Section The suspension will see Powell miss the upcoming The Loop 110 race, highlighting NASCAR’s strict adherence to technical regulations. Despite this setback, driver Honeyman remains a strong contender in the Rookie of the Year standings, demonstrating flexibility and consistency throughout the season.

Key Highlights

  • Dennis Powell suspended for one race due to improper rear axle installation at SciAps 200.
  • Violation involved Section of the NASCAR Rule Book.
  • Rear axle issue led to Honeyman’s crash, prompting penalty.
  • Powell to miss the Loop 110 race, returning post-July 6.
  • Suspension emphasizes strict adherence to technical regulations in NASCAR.

Penalty and Incident Highlights

NASCAR has penalized Dennis Powell, car chief for the No. 42 Young’s Motorsports team, with a one-race suspension due to the improper installation of the rear axle during the SciAps 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, on Saturday. This penalty was disclosed in NASCAR’s weekly penalty report issued on Tuesday, highlighting a pivotal infraction that had significant consequences during the event.

The infraction pertains to a violation of Sections of the NASCAR Rule Book, which specifically addresses the proper installation of vehicle components, including the rear axle. During the SciAps 200, the No. 42 Chevrolet Camaro, driven by Leland Honeyman, encountered a severe mechanical failure when the rear axle was dislodged.

This mishap occurred under caution, a situation where the vehicle should be operating under controlled conditions. The dislodged axle resulted in Honeyman losing control and colliding with the wall, subsequently forcing him to retire from the race after completing 95 out of the 203 scheduled laps.

The improper installation not only compromised the safety and performance of the vehicle but also disrupted the competitive integrity of the race. The incident highlights the critical importance of adhering to technical regulations to safeguard the safety of the drivers and the fairness of the competition.

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Suspension and Return

The suspension of Dennis Powell, arise from the improper installation of the rear axle, will be enforced during the upcoming The Loop 110 race on July 6, after which he will be permitted to return to his role with the No. 42 Young’s Motorsports team. This decision comes as part of NASCAR’s srict enforcement of technical regulations, aimed at maintaining the integrity and safety of the sport.

Powell’s suspension is limited to a single race, reflecting the severity of the infraction while also allowing for a swift return. The specific nature of the violation – an improperly installed rear axle – highlights the critical importance of precision and compliance in vehicle preparation. The rear axle’s correct installation is essential for the car’s performance and safety, and any deviation from standard procedures is taken seriously by NASCAR officials.

Upon completion of his suspension at The Loop 110 race, Powell will be eligible to resume his duties as car chief, a role that is essential in the operational success of the No. 42 Young’s Motorsports team. The car chief is responsible for overseeing the vehicle’s setup and ensuring all components meet regulatory standards, thus Powell’s expertise will be vital upon his return.

Young’s Motorsports will need to adapt during Powell’s absence, ensuring that the No. 42 car is race-ready without the guidance of their regular car chief. The team’s ability to manage this temporary setback will be a demonstration of their resilience and organizational strength. Powell’s reinstatement post-July 6 will restore the team’s full operational capacity, strengthening their efforts in subsequent races.

Driver Performance and Standings

Despite recent challenges, Leland Honeyman’s tenacity has secured him a commendable bronze place in the 2024 NASCAR Xfinity Series Rookie of the Year standings. While he currently trails ROTY leader Jesse Love by a significant margin of 238 points, Honeyman’s performance remains a testament to his resilience and skill. His consistent showings on the track have kept him in the hunt, though the necessity of securing a race victory to enhance his standings is becoming more pronounced.

With both Jesse Love and Shane van Gisbergen having clinched wins this season, Honeyman faces increased pressure to join them in the winner’s circle before the Playoffs points reset. This reset could prove pivotal in leveling the playing field and providing Honeyman with a renewed opportunity to vie for the Rookie of the Year honors.

Driver Points Behind Leader
Jesse Love Leader
Shane van Gisbergen 102
Leland Honeyman 238


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Season Performance

Leland Honeyman’s season performance has been marked by a blend of flexibility and skill, demonstrated through his consistent finishes and notable achievements on the track. Competing in his rookie year, Honeyman has adeptly navigated the challenges presented by the Xfinity Series, firmly establishing himself as a rising talent behind the wheel of the No. 42 Young’s Motorsports Chevrolet.

One of Honeyman’s standout moments this season was his impressive fourth-place finish at Talladega Superspeedway. This performance not only highlighted his potential to compete at high levels but also emphasized his ability to perform under the challenges of one of NASCAR’s most unpredictable tracks. Talladega’s demanding nature, known for its high speeds and tight-pack racing, served as a formidable proving ground for the young driver.

In addition to his notable showing at Talladega, Honeyman has also secured six top-20 finishes throughout the season. These consistent results reflect his growing proficiency and adaptability across different race conditions and circuits. Each finish within the top-20 further solidifies Honeyman’s reputation as a reliable contender, capable of maintaining competitive pace and strategy against more seasoned drivers.

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News in Brief: Xfinity Series Crew Member Benched

The benching of an Xfinity Series crew member following the New Hampshire race highlights the stringent regulatory environment in motorsports.

The imposed penalty, suspension, and subsequent return of the crew member emphasize the sport’s commitment to maintaining fair competition and safety standards.

The incident’s impact on driver performance and standings reflects the interconnected nature of team dynamics and individual achievements.

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