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Meet a Driver Who’s Never Won a NASCAR Race

Driver Who’s Never Won a NASCAR Race: Meet Corey LaJoie, the NASCAR driver who embodies the phrase ‘always the runner-up, never the champion.’ Despite the conspicuous absence of a Cup Series victory, LaJoie has managed to turn heads and stir conversations with his unrelenting determination and flashes of sheer brilliance. Imagine the paradox of a driver who, while winless, still commands a loyal fanbase rooting for his elusive victory. What is it about LaJoie’s relentless pursuit that captivates both fervent supporters and skeptical critics? To truly understand, one must appreciate the intricacies of his race on the NASCAR circuit.

Key Highlights

  • Corey LaJoie has shown consistent determination and resilience despite not securing a NASCAR win.
  • LaJoie has a strong racing background, winning multiple kart and series races early in his career.
  • In the 2024 season, LaJoie has a top-5 and a top-10 finish, showcasing his potential.
  • His fan base is divided, with some supporters believing he’s close to achieving his first win.
  • LaJoie’s current standing in the NASCAR Cup Series is 29th, with 273 championship points.

Corey LaJoie’s Racing Career

Corey LaJoie’s racing odyssey, marked by resilience and drive, commenced modestly in kart racing in 1996 and has since spanned numerous series and challenges. What began with triumphing in 19 races on both dirt and asphalt tracks soon evolved into a career that saw LaJoie conquer the INEX Bandolero series by 2003, notching twelve victories and securing the Summer Shootout Championship.

Success in these initial ventures was no coincidence; it was a preface to his dominance in Legends cars and the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series in 2006, where he impressively won ten out of twelve races.

LaJoie’s voyage through the racing ranks persisted as he tackled the UARA-Stars Late Model Touring Series from 2007 to 2009, earning one win and a multitude of top-ten finishes. His rise in motorsports saw him make his NASCAR Camping World East Series debut in 2009, a platform where he truly shone, securing five wins and finishing as the runner-up in the points standings by 2012.

Debuting in the Sprint Cup Series in 2014, LaJoie’s career has been a testament to perseverance in the face of fluctuating team dynamics and competitive demands. His tenure with Go Fas Racing in 2019 saw him achieve commendable top-ten finishes, while his subsequent shift to Spire Motorsports in 2021 marked consistency with top-20 and top-30 finishes.

Despite encountering obstacles, including a dramatic crash at Talladega in 2024, LaJoie’s resolute determination epitomizes a driver committed to the relentless pursuit of victory.

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Corey LaJoie’s 2024 Statistics

Riding the rollercoaster of the 2024 season, LaJoie’s statistics reflect a driver who, despite not securing a victory, remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence. Corey LaJoie, piloting the #7 Chevrolet for Spire Motorsports, currently sits 29th in the NASCAR Cup Series standings. With 20 races under his belt, his resolve shines through each lap, even if the checkered flag has yet to wave in his favor.

LaJoie’s venture this year has seen a mix of highs and lows. His top-5 finish and top-10 finish punctuate a season marked by resilience and tenacity. His ability to lead for 38 laps and amass 273 championship points highlights his competitiveness. Let’s take a closer look at his race results:

Race Venue Starting Position Finishing Position
Nashville 22nd 20th
New Hampshire 15th 23rd
Iowa 19th 21st


Despite some middling finishes, LaJoie’s 11th place at Sonoma, where he started 17th and led 2 laps, exemplifies his potential to disrupt the upper echelons of the race standings. This performance is a tribute to his skill and the strategic expertise of his team.

Adding a layer of versatility to his profile, LaJoie also competed in the NASCAR Truck Series, notably finishing 20th at Daytona after an impressive start from the 3rd position. These stats, while devoid of wins, embody a driver persistently knocking on the door of success, maneuvering the intricate dance of motorsport with both grace and determination.

Corey LaJoie: The Unyielding Pursuit of Victory in NASCAR

In the high-octane world of NASCAR, few stories are as compelling as that of Corey LaJoie, a driver whose relentless quest for victory embodies both the thrill and heartbreak of motorsport. Despite not yet clinching a win in any of NASCAR’s top series, LaJoie’s career is a tribute to perseverance, skill, and an undying passion for racing.

LaJoie’s path to the NASCAR Cup Series is anything but traditional. With only two Truck Series and 22 Xfinity Series races under his belt, his rapid rise to full-time Cup driver status is a tale that challenges the usual storyline. Yet, LaJoie has something that stats alone can’t capture: sheer grit and a talent for surprising his critics.

  • ARCA Success: In 2012, LaJoie won five out of 14 ARCA races and finished second in the standings to Kyle Larson, displaying undeniable talent early on.
  • Underdog Spirit: Despite being the only Cup driver not to have a win, championship, or final four appearance, LaJoie’s performances consistently show determination and potential.
  • Relentless Optimism: LaJoie’s optimism and relentless pursuit of victory make him a fan favorite, embodying the spirit of never giving up.

LaJoie’s unwavering pursuit of victory is a narrative filled with near-misses and enticing peeks of what could be. His career is a masterclass in resilience, showing that in the fast-paced world of NASCAR, the adventure can be as riveting as the destination.

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Fan Support

The fervent opinions of NASCAR enthusiasts reveal a fan base deeply divided over Corey LaJoie’s potential and performance. On one end of the spectrum, you have the optimistic die-hards, like the fan who confidently proclaimed, ‘Corey will get it one day at Atlanta. I met him in person this year, and he is such a good guy.’ This camp sees LaJoie not just as a driver, but as a relatable, grounded individual worth rooting for.

However, not everyone shares this rosy outlook. Critics argue that LaJoie is ‘one of those kids that’s holding NASCAR back,’ and that his current performance leaves much to be desired. The skepticism doesn’t stop there; another fan bluntly stated, ‘I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon; the dude just hasn’t been good.’ It’s clear that the road to winning isn’t just paved with rubber and asphalt; it’s fraught with public scrutiny and divided opinions.

Adding to the rich tapestry of fan reactions are those who believe LaJoie is on the cusp of greatness. ‘Corey definitely gonna win; he’s so close,’ asserts one hopeful fan, perhaps seeing something in LaJoie’s driving that others miss. Yet, some suggest alternative paths, recommending he ‘drop down to trucks and run for Spire. He’d do pretty good.’

Then there’s the harsh reality check provided by another fan: ‘Nepotism and no talent combined and you have Corey LaJoie.’. Clearly, LaJoie’s career trajectory is a subject ripe for debate among NASCAR aficionados, highlighting the passionate, if divided, nature of his fan base.

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News in Brief: Driver Who’s Never Won a NASCAR Race

Corey LaJoie’s career exemplifies the essence of perseverance in NASCAR. Despite the absence of wins or titles, LaJoie’s tenacity and indomitable spirit have earned him a devoted following.

His path is a compelling story of resilience, embodying the saying that success is a voyage, not a final stop. Fans and critics continue to be intrigued by the possibility of a breakthrough, making LaJoie’s ongoing pursuit for that elusive triumph a lasting and captivating chapter in motorsport.

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