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The Loop 110 Qualifying Order: Chicago Street Course 2024

The Loop 110 Qualifying Order: The Loop 110 Qualifying Order for the Chicago Street Course in 2024 promises a riveting precursor to the main event, with drivers set to navigate the intricate urban layout in pursuit of best starting positions. Scheduled to commence at 10 a.m. ET on July 6th, the practice sessions will be followed by qualifying rounds featuring Group A and Group B at 11 a.m. ET, ensuring a balanced and competitive field.

Key Highlights

  • Qualifying rounds for The Loop 110 start at 11 a.m. ET on July 6th.
  • Drivers are divided into Group A and Group B for the qualifying sessions.
  • The qualifying sessions will determine the starting grid for the 50-lap main race.
  • The event is part of the 2024 Xfinity Series held on a 2.2-mile Chicago street circuit.
  • NBC Sports will broadcast the qualifying rounds and the main race live.

Overview of The Loop 110 at Chicago Street Course

Set against the iconic skyline of Chicago, The Loop 110 at the Chicago Street Course promises an exhilarating blend of technical skills and high-speed drama as 43 drivers compete in the 18th race of the 2024 Xfinity Series. As the engines roar to life on the carefully crafted 2.2-mile street circuit, the race will unfold across 110 miles of sheer racing expertise, testing the mettle of each participant.

The Chicago Street Course, renowned for its challenging layout, offers a unique contrast of urban scenery and racing dynamics. The narrow streets and sharp corners demand precision, while the longer straights provide opportunities for overtaking, making strategic insight as important as driving skill. The Loop 110 stands out not just for its technical demands but also for its picturesque backdrop.

This race is not just a test of speed but also a battleground of endurance and strategy. Drivers will need to navigate through a series of complex turns and elevation changes, requiring a delicate balance between aggression and control. The race’s urban setting introduces extra variables, such as varying road surfaces and potential grip changes, which can greatly impact tire performance and handling.

The Loop 110 therefore represents a crucial moment in the 2024 Xfinity Series, where every move counts and each decision could be the difference between victory and defeat. Enthusiasts and experts alike will be keenly observing how drivers adapt to the intricate demands of the Chicago Street Course, making this a race to remember.

The Loop 110 Qualifying Order 1

Event Schedule and Qualifying Details

Following the expectation of The Loop 110 at the Chicago Street Course, the event schedule carefully outlines the progression from practice sessions to the decisive qualifying rounds, fundamental for securing advantageous starting positions in the fiercely contested main race. The attentively planned schedule starts with the practice sessions at 10 a.m. ET on Saturday, July 6th, laying the groundwork for teams to fine-tune their strategies and drivers to familiarize themselves with the challenging urban circuit.

The significance of the practice session cannot be overstated, as it allows participants to gather vital data on tire wear, fuel consumption, and ideal racing lines. This preparatory phase culminates in the qualifying rounds set to commence promptly at 11 a.m. ET. The qualifying structure, as disclosed by FOX Sports’ Bob Pockrass, includes two distinct groups: Group A and Group B. Preston Pardus leads Group A, while Kenko Miura heads Group B, both aiming to set the fastest lap times to secure the coveted pole position.

Qualifying results bear significant importance as they determine the starting grid for the 50-lap main event, scheduled later that afternoon. The structure of the qualifying guarantees a fair and competitive environment, with each driver given an equal opportunity to display their skill and speed. The anticipation builds as every lap could alter the starting lineup, making each moment on the track pivotal.


Driver Lap Time
Preston Pardus 43.45
Alon Day 41.35
Kyle Larson 38.9
Ty Dillon 38.25
Alex Labbe 37.1
Andre Castro 34.7
Josh Bilicki 31.2
Connor Mosack 29.9
Sage Karam 26.2
Leland Honeyman 25.1
Josh Williams 23.1
Jeb Burton 22.6
Jeremy Clements 20.95
Parker Retzlaff 18.2
Anthony Alfredo 16.75
Parker Kligerman 13.9
Ryan Sieg 11.75
Jesse Love 6.95
Justin Allgaier 6.6
Austin Hill 5.4
Chandler Smith 2.6



Driver Lap Time
Kenko Miura 43.8
Daniel Suarez 42.75
Austin Green 39.95
Thomas Annunziata 38.35
Brad Perez 38.05
Joey Logano 35.3
Blaine Perkins 33.45
Matt DiBenedetto 30.7
Kyle Weatherman 29
Kyle Sieg 26
Ryan Ellis 23.75
Sheldon Creed 22.95
Sammy Smith 21.15
Brennan Poole 20.6
Shane van Gisbergen 17.25
Ty Gibbs 14.85
Brandon Jones 12.85
Sam Mayer 11.4
Riley Herbst 6.6
AJ Allmendinger 6.45
Cole Custer 5.3
John Hunter Nemechek 2.15

Defending Champions and Previous Winners

In the competitive realm of the Chicago Street Course, Cole Custer and Stewart-Haas Racing stand out as the reigning champions, having showcased exceptional skill and strategic expertise in last year’s Xfinity race. Their victory was a proof of meticulous planning, seamless execution, and a sharp understanding of the challenging urban circuit. The win not only highlighted Custer’s driving skills but also emphasized Stewart-Haas Racing’s strong presence in the motorsport arena.

The Chicago Street Course, recognized for its tight corners and unforgiving barriers, requires a combination of precision and boldness. Custer’s command over these elements allowed him to maneuver the track with unmatched finesse, securing a decisive win that remains vivid in the memories of racing enthusiasts.

These past champions have each made an unforgettable impression on the course, displaying not only their driving abilities but also the strategic insight of their teams. The variety of winners over the years emphasizes the unpredictable and highly competitive nature of the Chicago Street Course, where each race presents new challenges and potential surprises.

Looking forward to the upcoming Loop 110, the excitement grows. Will Custer and Stewart-Haas Racing defend their title, or will a new champion rise to seize the throne? The stage is set for another thrilling chapter in street racing history.

The Loop 110 Qualifying Order 2

Viewing Details and Broadcast Information

Broadcasting the thrilling action of The Loop 110, NBC Sports will provide extensive coverage beginning on Saturday, July 6th, allowing fans to witness the intensity and excitement of the Xfinity Series on Chicago’s unique street circuit. This highly awaited event signifies a significant moment in NASCAR history, as the Chicago street track merges the cityscape with high-speed racing, producing a spectacle that is both visually striking and technically challenging.

NBC Sports has carefully planned its broadcast to make certain that viewers do not miss a single instant of the action. The network’s thorough coverage will encompass pre-race analysis, live race commentary, and post-race breakdowns, presented by a team of experienced motorsport analysts. Fans can anticipate detailed insights into team strategies, driver performances, and the distinct challenges presented by the street circuit.

For those desiring a more immersive experience, NBC Sports will provide multi-platform viewing choices. Whether on TV, online streaming, or mobile app, fans have the flexibility to track the race from practically any location. This diverse approach highlights NBC Sports’ dedication to delivering a thorough and captivating viewing experience.

The Loop 110 Qualifying Order 3

News in Brief: The Loop 110 Qualifying Order

The Loop 110 Qualifying Order at the Chicago Street Course in 2024 promises to deliver an engaging racing spectacle. With carefully planned practice and qualifying sessions, the event guarantees a fair competition for all participants.

As defending champions and past winners come back to the urban circuit, excitement for the 50-lap main event reaches unparalleled levels.

The detailed broadcast plans will allow worldwide audiences to witness the exciting competition, cementing the event’s legacy in motorsport history.

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