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Randy Dorton Showdown: Engine-Building Thrills and Triumphs of 2023

Randy Dorton Showdown: The 2023 Randy Dorton Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown witnessed an intense nail-biter as Danny Emerick and Bill Sullivan eked out a breathtaking victory over Scott Vester and Phil Seaton, triumphing by a mere 0.0091 seconds. This win adds Emerick’s name alongside Vester’s as a six-time winner in this annual contest.

The thrilling showdown saw both teams locked in a tight battle, culminating in Emerick’s team bouncing back from an initial setback to secure the coveted title. Posting a time of 22:56.46, Emerick and Sullivan clinched the victory with Vester and Seaton narrowly trailing at 22:57.37.

Rick Hendrick, the eminent team owner of Hendrick Motorsports, marveled at the exceptional talent displayed by the engine builders and technicians, expressing awe at the incredible prowess showcased by both teams.

Emerick, an engine assembler at Hendrick Motorsports, expressed gratitude towards his partner Sullivan, highlighting his unwavering encouragement during a challenging moment in the contest. Sullivan, a Hendrick Certified Master Technician at Hendrick Toyota Wilmington, proved instrumental in securing the victory, marking his fourth year of participation in this prestigious event.

Vester, an engine assembler at Hendrick Motorsports, entered the final boasting the best qualifying time. His partner, Seaton, also a Hendrick Certified Master Technician at Hendrick Toyota Merriam, claimed the 2023 Jerry Hilson Award, recognizing the highest-scoring Hendrick Automotive Group competitor in the annual Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) qualifying test.

Notably, the 2023 showdown marked Emerick’s fourth victory over Vester in the final, maintaining his streak from 2016, 2017, 2022, and now 2023.

The Randy Dorton Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown brings together 12 Hendrick Certified Master Technicians from across the country, paired with 12 Hendrick Motorsports engine department members. These teams assemble 358-cubic-inch Chevrolet engines akin to those powering NASCAR Cup Series cars. The competition entails assembling engines on individual stage platforms, racing against time while aiming for the fastest completion with minimal errors. The top two teams with the quickest times proceed to the championship round.

Randy Dorton Showdown (2)

This annual event pays homage to Randy Dorton, whose pioneering engine program leadership significantly impacted Hendrick Motorsports’ rise to prominence in the NASCAR Cup Series, exemplifying innovation and excellence. This season, the engine department celebrated its 500th national series win in NASCAR, marked by Kyle Larson’s victorious moment at Darlington Raceway in September, highlighting the enduring impact of Dorton’s legacy.

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