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Dean Thompson Unconventional Path: NASCAR Driver’s Kickboxing Journey

Dean Thompson Unconventional Path: Dean Thompson, a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver, engages in a unique training routine that contrasts the usual methods seen in the sport. At the Kinchen Martial Arts Academy in Cornelius, North Carolina, he’s found an unexpected but crucial regimen: kickboxing.

The spectacle begins as Thompson, donning boxing gloves, throws a series of powerful punches and kicks at his trainer, Kyoshi Cliff Kinchen. Each strike aims at pads held by Kinchen, signaling another rigorous round in Thompson’s intense 45-minute kickboxing session. This unorthodox training approach has become Thompson’s solace, an outlet releasing the pressures and tensions that accompany his life in racing.

Preparation for his upcoming kickboxing match on December 9th fuels this training. However, unlike typical matches, this bout emphasizes clean and precise strikes, awarding points rather than focusing on knockouts to prevent injuries such as concussions.

Thompson hones his technique under the guidance of Kinchen, an experienced coach with an eighth-degree black belt. Besides his trainer, Thompson sparred with other Truck Series drivers, each providing unique challenges and refining his skills in distinct ways.

However, the training isn’t solely about physical exertion. Thompson’s sessions start with a 20-minute warm-up comprising stretching, jump roping, and various kicks, culminating in an array of agility drills and extensive core workouts. The emphasis lies in refining Thompson’s technique and stamina rather than sheer power.

Despite its uniqueness, kickboxing isn’t a new fascination for Thompson. He reignited his interest in the sport earlier this year, incorporating it into his routine thanks to Toyota Racing’s collaboration with Kinchen Martial Arts Academy. This partnership allows drivers to explore alternative conditioning methods beyond conventional training approaches.

Moreover, Kinchen’s coaching style isn’t confined to the fighting ring. He instills a sense of responsibility in these drivers, emphasizing professionalism and self-defense techniques suitable for real-life scenarios.

Thompson actively shares snippets of his training sessions on social media, not to incite conflict but to showcase his commitment to training and potentially avert post-race altercations.

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Beyond preventing conflicts, Thompson acknowledges the mental benefits of kickboxing, especially during a tough Truck Series season with numerous DNFs. The training under fatigue enhances his on-track awareness and maintains composure during tense moments.

Dean Thompson isn’t alone in embracing this unique regimen. Other drivers within the Toyota pipeline, like Harrison Burton and Daniel Suarez, have also experienced the benefits of Kinchen’s coaching, demonstrating the crossover between physical training and mental fortitude.

As Thompson gears up for his first kickboxing match, he remains committed to this unconventional training approach, seeing it not just as a hobby but as a means to excel in his racing career. For him, it represents a “second chance” to prove himself, a testament to his determination and the support from Tricon Garage.

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