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Kyle Larson Missed Victories: Unraveling Five Crucial Moments in the 2023 NASCAR Season

Kyle Larson Missed Victories: Kyle Larson, a renowned racing talent across NASCAR Cup Series and various disciplines, has encountered a series of missed opportunities despite his exceptional prowess on the track. Let’s delve into five instances where the 2021 Cup Series champion fell short of potential victories.

In the 2023 season, Larson found himself in heated battles twice with Denny Hamlin. At Kansas, Larson led the final lap but faced a challenging moment, losing control. Post-race, Larson noted Hamlin’s aggressive drafting, stating, “I was really loose… It seemed he was side-drafting me aggressively. I don’t know if he finally got me turned sideways, but turned me into the outside wall and he got the win.”

Another clash ensued at Pocono Raceway. Restarting side by side with seven laps to go, Larson and Hamlin engaged in a tense battle. However, as they exited turn 1, Larson was forced against the fence by Hamlin. A subsequent unrelated incident brought out caution. Larson, displeased, intentionally made contact with Hamlin, expressing his frustration at being ‘used up.’

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In the Homestead Miami playoff race, despite securing a spot in the championship four, Larson displayed an unexpectedly aggressive racing style. Known for his exceptional driving at the track, he had a chance to secure a second round-of-eight win but made a pit entry blunder, causing significant damage to his car.

At Watkins Glen, Hendrick Motorsports anticipated success, but Larson’s hopes dwindled. Penalized for over-speeding after a pit stop, he fell to the rear and later spun with Austin Dillon, ending the race outside the top 25.

Larson’s 2022 title defense hopes took a hit at Charlotte Roval’s round of 12 elimination race. A mistake at turn 7 damaged his car, necessitating repairs that affected its competitive edge, resulting in a 35th-place finish. Reflecting on the incident, Larson admitted, “Just a dumb mistake on my part,” acknowledging the error that disrupted his championship campaign despite a season with two wins but marred by six DNFs.

These instances reflect Larson’s challenges, where unforeseen circumstances hindered potential victories, impacting both his individual performance and championship aspirations.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How many wins does Kyle Larson have in total?

Larson, a seasoned driver with 23 Cup race wins under his belt, has qualified for the NASCAR Playoffs multiple times, including in 2016-19 and 2021-23. He recently secured his first victory for Hendrick Motorsports in March 2021 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Larson is also a three-time champion of the NASCAR All-Star Races, having won in 2019, 2021, and 2023.

Has Kyle Larson won a championship before?

Kyle Larson emerged victorious in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series, clinching his first championship title. He dominated the season with an impressive tally of 10 wins, which accounted for almost a third of the entire schedule. Larson faced stiff competition from close to 40 other elite NASCAR drivers, but he managed to outperform them all and secure his well-deserved victory.

Who owns Kyle Larson Sprint car?

2021 NASCAR champion Larson and five-time World of Outlaws champion Brad Sweet are the founders and owners of High Limit Racing.

What happened to Larson at Homestead?

Larson trailed race leader Ryan Blaney into pit road, but unfortunately, he was unable to slow down in time and crashed into the barrier. He expressed his regret to his crew, admitting that he did not anticipate Blaney’s sudden deceleration.

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