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Joey Logano New NASCAR Sponsor: Hunt Brothers Pizza for the 2024 Season

Joey Logano New NASCAR Sponsor: Joey Logano, the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series champion, recently stepped into his Italian alter ego as part of a promotional video introducing his new primary sponsor, Hunt Brothers Pizza.

The upcoming season holds a fresh chapter for Logano, as Hunt Brothers Pizza, formerly associated with the No. 4 Ford, now partners with Team Penske. Their collaboration takes center stage, adorning the No. 22 Ford Mustang, which Logano, a former Cup Series champion, will commandeer in 2024.

In a charmingly light-hearted video marking the partnership’s announcement, Logano humorously showcased an Italian accent. This humorous touch seems a nod to his familial Italian heritage, tracing back to his father, Thomas J. Logano.

Expressing his enthusiasm following the recent announcement, Logano highlighted the significance of Hunt Brothers Pizza’s commitment to excellence both on and off the track. He remarked, “We’re excited and honored to bring Hunt Brothers Pizza on board next season. Their commitment to excellence both on the track and in the marketplace — in addition to their longstanding support of motorsports — makes Hunt Brothers Pizza a perfect fit at Team Penske. I look forward to racing the No. 22 Hunt Brothers Pizza Ford Mustang in 2024 and we hope to see those popular red and green colors in Victory Lane next season.”

Despite failing to defend his title in the previous season, Logano acknowledged the ascent of his Team Penske teammate, Ryan Blaney, to the summit of the NASCAR Cup Series.

Joey Logano New NASCAR Sponsor (2)

Logano’s playoff journey was cut short in the first round, an unprecedented outcome for a defending champion. However, it didn’t diminish the success of Team Penske, with Ryan Blaney securing his inaugural Cup title.

Sharing his thoughts on Blaney’s triumph, Logano praised the latter’s remarkable performances over the final seven weeks of the season. He stated, “We’ve all seen the amount of speed that he’s had his whole career, like just raw speed. The kid’s quick as can be. But it seemed like it took a minute for the race-crafting to meet up to the talent that he has. And really, I think in the last seven weeks of what he was able to put together was exceptional — really, really good. And he put them both together, and now I’ll tell you, he’s gonna be tough to beat for a long time, now that he’s got confidence on his side, he’s done it already. He’s gonna be tough for a long time.”

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