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NASCAR Manufacturer Standings Post SpeedyCash.com 250: Intense Competition Continues

NASCAR Manufacturer Standings: Following the conclusion of the SpeedyCash.com 250 at Texas Motor Speedway, Texas, Race 7 of 23 in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the manufacturer point standings have undergone an update.

As teams continue to navigate the competitive landscape of the series, the battle for manufacturer supremacy intensifies. Each race presents an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their engineering skills and technical innovation.

With the latest results disclosed, fans and stakeholders eagerly anticipate the standings, which serve as a barometer of each manufacturer’s performance. Amidst the excitement and anticipation, the updated standings provide valuable insights into the dynamic nature of the series. As teams prepare for the next challenges on the horizon, these standings serve as a testament to the enduring legacy and competitive spirit of NASCAR’s premier truck racing series.

Updated Manufacturer Point Standings:



Detailed analysis of each race: 

Top FinisherNick Sanchez (1st)Matt Crafton (7th)
Corey Heim (2nd)
Top FinisherKyle Busch (1st)Ty Majeski (2nd)
Corey Heim (3rd)
Las Vegas403034
Top FinisherRajah Caruth (1st)Matt Crafton (7th)
Corey Heim (3rd)
Top FinisherChristian Eckes (1st)Matt Crafton (4th)Corey Heim (6th)
Top FinisherConnor Zilisch (4th)Ty Majeski (3rd)Corey Heim (1st)
Top FinisherChristian Eckes (1st)Ty Majeski (2nd)Taylor Gray (6th)
Top FinisherKyle Busch (1st)Ty Majeski (10th)
Corey Heim (2nd)

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Augustine Gomes
Augustine Gomes
Augustine Gomes is a dedicated NASCAR enthusiast and experienced journalist covering everything from races and events to race results, player standings, controversies, and more. With a passion for racing deeply ingrained, Augustine not only reports on the sport but also actively participates as a kart racer. His expertise and love for motorsport shine through in his comprehensive coverage of NASCAR, making him a trusted voice in the racing community. Whether it's analyzing race schedules, team standings, manufacturer standings, or exploring race controversies, Augustine provides insightful updates for fans eager to stay informed. Follow Augustine on slickandsticks.com for the latest NASCAR updates and insider perspectives.


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