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Sonoma Xfinity Race Entry List: Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250

Sonoma Xfinity Race Entry List: The Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 at Sonoma Raceway is set to feature a formidable lineup of 39 Xfinity Series drivers. Leading the charge are seasoned contenders like Justin Allgaier and Austin Hill, alongside promising talents such as Sam Mayer and Sheldon Creed. With experienced veterans Jeremy Clements and Brandon Jones in the mix, the race promises to be an engaging blend of strategy and speed. As these drivers prepare to face the challenging road course, the stage is set for a thrilling contest. Find out who else will be vying for victory and the key dynamics to watch.

Key Highlights

  • 39 Xfinity Series cars will compete for 38 spots on the grid at Sonoma Raceway.
  • Notable drivers include Garrett Smithley, Alex Labbe, Brad Perez, Boris Said, and Ty Gibbs.
  • International drivers like Ed Jones, Austin Green, Sage Karam, and Preston Pardus add diversity to the field.
  • Veteran drivers Justin Allgaier, Austin Hill, and A.J. Allmendinger are part of the competitive lineup.
  • Up-and-coming stars Ryan Sieg and Jeb Burton bring youthful talent to the race.

Overview of the Event

The 2024 Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 at Sonoma Raceway marks the 14th race of the NASCAR Xfinity Series season, featuring a challenging 79-lap contest on the iconic 1.99-mile road course. This marks the next annual occurrence of the event, scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 8, beginning at 8 pm ET. Enthusiasts can catch the race broadcast live on FS1 and PRN, promising an evening of high-octane competition.

Sonoma Raceway, renowned for its demanding layout and picturesque setting in Sonoma, California, provides a unique challenge to drivers with its complex combination of elevation changes, tight turns, and sweeping corners. The track’s technical nature demands precision and skill, making it a favorite among road course aficionados.

As the mid-point of the NASCAR Xfinity Series season, this event holds significant significance. Teams and drivers have had ample time to fine-tune their strategies and performance, aiming to secure important points in the championship standings. The 79-lap format ensures that endurance and tactical skill will be paramount, as drivers navigate the course’s intricacies while managing tire wear and fuel strategies.

The 2024 edition of the Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 is anticipated to be a critical race, not just for the immediate stakes, but also as the season’s progression. Fans and teams alike look forward to witnessing which competitors will rise to the occasion, leveraging their road course expertise to gain an edge in the tightly contested series. With such significant stakes, this event promises to be a highlight of the racing calendar.

Sonoma Xfinity Race Entry List (1)

Entry List and Notable Drivers

Among the highly anticipated aspects of the 2024 Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 is the enthusiastic entry list, featuring 39 Xfinity cars vying for 38 coveted spots on the grid. This year’s race at Sonoma Raceway promises a thrilling spectacle with a lineup that includes a blend of seasoned veterans and ambitious newcomers.

Prominent among the entrants is Garrett Smithley, known for his tenacity and consistency on the track. Alex Labbe, a driver with a formidable record in road course racing, is anticipated to bring his expertise to bear at Sonoma. Brad Perez, who continues to build his reputation in the Xfinity Series, is another driver to watch.

Adding a touch of historical significance to the race is Boris Said, a veteran with a storied career, whose participation is sure to draw attention. The field also includes Ty Gibbs and John Hunter Nemechek, two young drivers who have quickly established themselves as formidable competitors in the series.

International interest is piqued by the presence of Ed Jones, a driver with experience in both IndyCar and endurance racing, and Austin Green, whose adaptability across different racing formats is noteworthy. Sage Karam, known for his versatility, will also be vying for a spot, alongside Preston Pardus, a driver with a growing reputation for strong performances in road course events.

Rounding out the list of notable drivers is Josh Bilicki, whose road racing skills are well-documented. Each of these drivers brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, promising a fiercely competitive and engaging race.

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Previous Winner and Race Details

RSS Racing and Aric Almirola clinched victory in the inaugural Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 with a time of two hours, three minutes, and 29 ticks. This remarkable performance set a competitive precedent for the event, capturing the attention of racing enthusiasts and professionals equally. Almirola’s precision and skill on the track were evident as he navigated the challenging course, showcasing both his driving expertise and the strategic strength of the RSS Racing team.

The race, held at the acclaimed speedway, featured a 250-mile contest that tested the endurance and tactical capabilities of all participating teams. Lined with tight corners and high-speed straights, the track demanded a blend of technical knowledge and sheer dedication. Almirola’s adept handling of these elements not only secured his win but also highlighted the importance of seamless teamwork and meticulous preparation in motorsports.

The inaugural event was marked by several moments and competitive duels among top drivers, making Almirola’s victory even more remarkable. His ability to maintain composure under stress and execute decisive actions was a reflection of his experience and talent. The victory by RSS Racing and Almirola has since become a benchmark for future participants, inspiring them to improve their performance in subsequent editions of the race.

As the anticipation builds for this year’s Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250, the legacy of Almirola’s win continues to resonate within the racing community. His success story serves as a compelling reminder of the dedication and skill required to conquer one of the most challenging events in the racing calendar.

Full Entry List

In anticipation of this year’s Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250, a varied and competitive field of 39 Xfinity Series drivers is set to converge at Sonoma Raceway. This esteemed event promises to deliver high-octane excitement as seasoned veterans and ambitious newcomers vie for supremacy on one of the most challenging road courses in the series.

Among the notable entrants are seasoned driver Justin Allgaier, who brings a wealth of experience and strategic expertise to the race. Joining him is the formidable Austin Hill, whose aggressive driving style and recent performances have marked him as a strong contender. Adding to the competitive mix is the highly skilled A.J. Allmendinger, known for his exceptional road course skills.

The field also features promising talents like Sam Mayer and Sheldon Creed, both of whom have shown considerable promise and are keen to make a significant impact. Veteran drivers such as Jeremy Clements and Brandon Jones add depth to the lineup, each with a proven track record of resilience and tactical racing.

Sonoma Xfinity Race Entry List (5)

Up-and-coming stars like Ryan Sieg and Jeb Burton are also in the fray, bringing a blend of youthful exuberance and raw talent. Their participation highlights the dynamic nature of the event, as they seek to carve out their place in the annals of Xfinity Series history.

With a blend of experience, skill, and unbridled ambition, the Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 is set to be a captivating display of racing excellence. Fans can look forward to an evening of thrilling competition when the green flag drops at 8 pm ET on June 8 at Sonoma Raceway.

Car # Driver
0 Cole Custer
1 Sam Mayer
2 Jesse Love (R)
4 Garrett Smithley
5 Anthony Alfredo
Thomas Annunziata
7 Alex Labbé
7 Justin Allgaier
8 Sammy Smith
9 Brandon Jones
11 Josh Williams
14 Brad Perez
A. J. Allmendinger
17 Boris Said
18 Sheldon Creed
19 Ty Gibbs (i)
John Hunter Nemechek (i)
21 Austin Hill
26 Ed Jones
27 Jeb Burton
28 Kyle Sieg
29 Blaine Perkins
31 Parker Retzlaff
32 Austin Green
35 Sage Karam
39 Ryan Sieg
Leland Honeyman (R)
43 Ryan Ellis
44 Brennan Poole
Parker Kligerman
50 Preston Pardus
Jeremy Clements
81 Chandler Smith
Kyle Weatherman
92 Josh Bilicki
98 Riley Herbst

News in Brief : Sonoma Xfinity Race Entry List

The Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 at Sonoma Raceway promises a thrilling contest with a diverse field of 39 Xfinity Series drivers. Featuring seasoned veterans like Jeremy Clements and Brandon Jones alongside rising stars such as Ryan Sieg and Jeb Burton, the race is set to deliver high-octane excitement.

With noted competitors like Justin Allgaier and A.J. Allmendinger in the mix, the event highlights the blend of experience and youthful ambition characteristic of this prestigious series.

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