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Hy-Vee Perks 250 Predictions: A Peek Into Stats, Track and Top Contenders

Hy-Vee Perks 250 Predictions: The highly anticipated Hy-Vee PERKS 250 is set to take place on June 15th at the Iowa Speedway, with the race scheduled to begin at 3:30 PM ET.  This race marks the NASCAR Xfinity Series’ highly anticipated comeback to the track, promising intense competition on the 0.875-mile D-shaped oval. The event will feature top contenders such as Shane van Gisbergen, who is looking to build on his back-to-back wins, Cole Custer, who leads the standings with remarkable consistency, Austin Hill, with two wins under his belt this season, and AJ Allmendinger, known for his resilience and strategic prowess. This race is critical for these drivers as they aim to secure vital points and boost their championship hopes.

About The Race

The Hy-Vee PERKS 250 is a thrilling 250-lap, 218.75-mile NASCAR Xfinity Series race held at the Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa. Since its inception in 2011, the race has become a staple for racing enthusiasts, combining high-speed excitement with the unique challenges of the Iowa Speedway.

The race covers a total distance of 218.75 miles (352.04 km) over 250 laps, divided into three stages: Stage 1 with 60 laps, Stage 2 with another 60 laps, and Stage 3, the longest stage, consisting of 130 laps. This stage structure ensures that the race is packed with strategic decisions and competitive racing from start to finish.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Sam Hornish Jr. are tied for the most wins by a driver in this race, each having secured two victories. Their successes highlight the competitive nature of the Hy-Vee PERKS 250, where seasoned drivers continually push the limits to come out on top.

Roush Fenway Racing holds the record for the most team victories, boasting four wins. This impressive achievement underscores the team’s prowess and strategic excellence on the Iowa Speedway. Similarly, Ford has demonstrated its dominance in the race, also with four wins, making it the most successful manufacturer in the history of the event.

In a significant development for 2024, Hy-Vee was announced as the title sponsor of the race on March 27, 2024. This partnership marks the race’s return to the NASCAR Xfinity Series schedule for the first time since 2019, bringing renewed excitement and anticipation to the racing community. Hy-Vee’s sponsorship is expected to enhance the event’s profile and provide fans with an even more memorable racing experience.

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Inside The Track

The Iowa Speedway, owned by NASCAR, stands as a premier racing facility in Newton, Iowa, known for hosting major NASCAR events and offering a unique racing experience. Breaking ground on June 21, 2005, the track officially opened its doors on September 15, 2006, after a construction investment of $70 million USD. 

One of the events held at Iowa Speedway is the Hy-Vee PERKS 250, a 250-lap, 218.75-mile NASCAR Xfinity Series race. Initially running from 2011 to 2019, the race made a return in 2024, under the new sponsorship of Hy-Vee, adding a fresh layer of excitement to the event. Another significant event on the track’s calendar is the Iowa Corn 350, part of the NASCAR Cup Series since 2024, further cementing the speedway’s importance in the racing world.

The track itself is a D-shaped oval with a length officially measured by NASCAR at 0.875 miles (1.408 km). Its surface is asphalt, and it features four turns with varying degrees of banking: 12–14° in the turns, 10° on the front stretch, and 4° on the backstretch. These specifications create a challenging and thrilling environment for drivers and teams, demanding skill and precision.

Conveniently located near Interstate 80, the Iowa Speedway is approximately 35 miles (56 km) east of Des Moines, making it easily accessible for fans traveling from the state’s capital. The facility can accommodate a sizable crowd, with seating for 30,000 spectators as of a 2023 report by The Des Moines Register. The track also boasts 28 luxury suites, initially constructed in 2006, with additional temporary suites developed by Hy-Vee for recent IndyCar races, enhancing the fan experience with premium viewing options.

Disputes over the track’s exact length have arisen among various sanctioning bodies, but NASCAR’s measurement of 0.875 miles remains the standard. This track length, combined with its unique layout and banking, contributes to the distinctive racing dynamics that make Iowa Speedway a favorite among drivers and fans alike.

The Iowa Speedway is not just a racing venue but a vital part of the NASCAR community, offering a blend of history, modern amenities, and thrilling racing action. Its ongoing events and facilities continue to draw crowds and create memorable experiences for all who attend.

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Top Contenders

Shane van Gisbergen

Shane van Gisbergen has emerged as a formidable force in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, showing his exceptional driving skills with two consecutive wins, three top-five finishes, and four top-10 finishes this season. His victories at Portland Raceway and Sonoma Raceway highlight his versatility and ability to conquer diverse tracks. A win at the upcoming Iowa race would significantly boost his chances of moving up to the NASCAR Cup Series, solidifying his reputation as a top contender. Van Gisbergen’s consistent performance and strategic racing make him a strong candidate to watch at Iowa Speedway.

Cole Custer

Cole Custer has maintained his position at the top of the standings despite not securing a win this season, thanks to his remarkable consistency. With six top-five finishes and eleven top-10 finishes, Custer has demonstrated his ability to consistently perform at a high level. A win at Iowa Speedway would not only be a significant milestone in his season but also help him solidify his lead in the standings. Custer’s strategic racing and ability to stay ahead of the competition make him a key contender for the upcoming race.

Austin Hill

Austin Hill has been a dominant presence in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with two wins, seven top-five finishes, and nine top-10 finishes this season. His ability to secure wins and consistently finish near the top positions him as a strong contender for the upcoming Iowa race. Hill’s aggressive yet calculated driving style has earned him a reputation as a fierce competitor. Another win at Iowa would further bolster his standing and highlight his potential to be a top challenger for the series title.

AJ Allmendinger

AJ Allmendinger has shown considerable skills this season with three top-five finishes and seven top-10 finishes. Known for his experience and adaptability, Allmendinger remains a consistent performer, always within striking distance of the leaders. While he has yet to secure a win this season, his track record indicates that he is capable of pulling off a victory at any time. A win at Iowa Speedway would not only elevate his position in the standings but also reaffirm his status as a top contender in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

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News in Brief: Hy-Vee Perks 250 Predictions

With Shane van Gisbergen eyeing another victory to strengthen his Cup Series aspirations, Cole Custer aiming to maintain his top spot with a win, Austin Hill looking to add another win to his impressive season, and AJ Allmendinger set to maximize on his consistent performances, the stage is set for a memorable showdown. This race is not just about crossing the finish line first; it’s about strategic navigating, resilience, and seizing opportunities.

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