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USA TODAY 301 Full Results: Christopher Bell Clinches Victory

USA TODAY 301 Full Results: Christopher Bell emerged victorious in the weather-impacted 2024 USA Today 301, claiming his third win of the season. The race, delayed nearly four hours due to weather, saw Bell lead a dominant 148 of 305 laps. Bell finished 1.104 seconds ahead of Chase Briscoe, with Josh Berry, Kyle Larson, and Chris Buescher rounding out the top five. This win strengthens Bell’s position in the championship standings. Known for his strategic skills and composure in adverse conditions, Bell’s performance was a masterclass in resilience and skill. Learn more about how the race unfolded and Bell’s key moments.

Key Highlights

  • Christopher Bell won the 2024 USA Today 301, leading 148 of 305 laps.
  • The race faced a significant weather delay, lasting nearly 4 hours.
  • Bell’s victory was his third of the 2024 season, solidifying his championship contention.
  • Bell finished 1.104 seconds ahead of second-place Chase Briscoe.
  • The race included 6 lead changes among 4 drivers and 14 caution flags.

Race Details and Overview

The 2024 USA Today 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, highlighted by a significant weather delay, featured a highly competitive race with numerous lead changes and caution flags. Starting at 2 pm ET, the race encountered a two-hour 15-minute delay due to adverse weather conditions, which added an element of validation and tested the resilience of both drivers and teams.

Once the skies cleared and the track was deemed safe, the race resumed and continued for a duration of three hours, 48 minutes, and 14 ticks. The fiercely contested event saw 36 entries, each vying for supremacy on the challenging one-mile oval track. Despite the interruptions, the competition remained intense, with six lead changes among four different drivers. This dynamic exchange at the front of the pack highlighted the high level of skill and strategy employed by the participants.

The race was punctuated by 14 caution flags, a validation to the aggressive driving and the inherent challenges posed by the track’s configuration. These caution periods not only highlighted the racing incidents but also served as critical moments for teams to recalibrate strategies, make necessary adjustments, and keep their drivers in competition.

The combination of weather-induced delays and frequent cautions created a race that was as much about endurance and adaptability as it was about speed and precision. Teams had to remain vigilant and flexible, making split-moment decisions that could alter the course of their race. This blend of factors made the 2024 USA Today 301 a memorable and demanding event, showcasing the best of NASCAR racing under trying circumstances.

USA TODAY 301 Full Results 1

Winner Announcement and Performance

Christopher Bell secured his third win of the 2024 season in a rain-interrupted race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, demonstrating his skill behind the wheel of the 20 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing. Bell’s performance was nothing short of masterful as he navigated the challenging conditions to lead a race-high 148 of the 305 laps. His ability to maintain composure and control under stress was evident, particularly during the final segment of the race run on NASCAR’s wet weather tires.

Starting with a dominant presence from early on, Bell showcased remarkable consistency and strategic insight. The race demanded not just speed but also impeccable timing and adaptability, especially during the final 88 laps which were affected by unpredictable weather. Bell’s expertise was further highlighted in the overtime restart, where he executed a near-perfect tactic to gain a significant jump on the field. This critical move allowed him to cross the finish line 1.104 seconds ahead of Chase Briscoe, securing the victory.

Bell’s success at New Hampshire Motor Speedway emphasizes his growing reputation as one of NASCAR’s most formidable drivers. His third win of the season is a reflection of the harmony between his driving capabilities and the performance of the 20 Toyota. Joe Gibbs Racing has certainly found a star in Bell, whose ability to thrive in adverse conditions adds a new dimension to his already impressive resume.

Race Summary and Highlights

Capturing the essence of a thrilling and strategic contest, Bell’s masterful drive at New Hampshire Motor Speedway was marked by his decisive lead change on lap 248 and his steadfast control through the ensuing late-race restarts. This decisive moment came as Bell overtook Tyler Reddick, setting the stage for an intense series of events that would ultimately send the race into overtime.

The race, characterized by its dynamic shifts and unpredictable weather conditions, demanded precision and adaptability from all drivers. Bell’s expertise was evident not only in his timing but also in his ability to navigate through the chaos of restarts, maintaining a composed and focused approach.

The late-race restarts, notorious for their potential to disrupt the field, saw Bell’s composure shine through as he effectively managed the challenges and held his ground against formidable competitors. As the race progressed, the looming threat of weather disruptions added another layer of complexity. Yet, Bell’s strategic intelligence and the performance of his car under these challenging conditions highlighted his readiness to capitalize on every opportunity.

His ability to remain unfazed by the external challenges and execute his race plan with precision was a display of his skill and experience. The victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway not only marked Bell’s ninth NASCAR Cup career win but also highlighted his dominance over the weekend, having already secured a win in the Xfinity Series on Saturday. This achievement highlighted Bell’s versatility and fortitude, solidifying his standing as a formidable competitor in the series.

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Top Finishers

Rising to the occasion, Chase Briscoe secured a commendable runner-up finish, closely followed by Josh Berry, Kyle Larson, and Chris Buescher, who rounded out the top five in the USA TODAY 301. Briscoe’s performance demonstrated both skill and resilience, adeptly handling the challenges posed by the weather to claim his spot just behind the victor. His strategic tactics and consistent pace were crucial in maintaining his position amidst a fiercely competitive field.

Josh Berry, in the third position, displayed his burgeoning talent with a stellar drive, marking a significant achievement in his racing career. Berry’s adaptability and sharp reflexes were on full display, earning him a well-deserved spot on the podium. His performance is a reflection of his growing presence and potential in the series.

Kyle Larson, finishing fourth, brought his characteristic tenacity to the track, solidifying his status as a formidable contender. Larson’s race was characterized by calculated overtakes and a relentless pursuit of the leaders, highlighting his competitive spirit and technical expertise.

Chris Buescher, securing the fifth place, delivered a remarkable performance characterized by consistency and strategic intelligence. Buescher’s ability to maintain composure under challenging circumstances and capitalize on opportunities exemplifies his racing knowledge and experience.

Completing the top ten were Tyler Reddick, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., John Hunter Nemechek, Martin Truex Jr., and Ross Chastain. Each of these drivers demonstrated commendable skill and dedication, contributing to the high-caliber competition witnessed during the event. Their finishes reflect a blend of strategic racing, adaptability, and sheer competitive spirit, all essential components in the fiercely contested USA TODAY 301.

Final Results and Next Event

The 2024 USA Today 301 concluded with Christopher Bell taking the victory, followed closely by Chase Briscoe and Josh Berry, while fans eagerly anticipate next Sunday’s race at the Nashville Superspeedway. Bell’s success was marked by strategic skill and adept handling amidst the weather-induced disruptions that characterized the race.

Chase Briscoe’s impressive runner-up finish highlighted his consistent form, affirming his status as a strong contender in the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series. Josh Berry, a rookie, demonstrated remarkable talent by securing the third position, signaling his potential to become a prominent figure in the racing world. Following Berry, Kyle Larson and Chris Buescher rounded out the top five, each delivering performances that highlighted their competitive spirits and technical expertise.

Position # Driver
1 20 Christopher Bell
2 14 Chase Briscoe
3 4 Josh Berry (R)
4 5 Kyle Larson
5 17 Chris Buescher
6 45 Tyler Reddick
7 47
Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
8 42
John Hunter Nemechek
9 19 Martin Truex Jr.
10 1 Ross Chastain
11 41 Ryan Preece
12 38 Todd Gilliland
13 43 Erik Jones
14 21 Harrison Burton
15 34
16 54 Ty Gibbs
17 77
18 9 Chase Elliott
19 2 Austin Cindric
20 16 Ty Dillon (i)
21 99 Daniel Suárez
22 15 Kaz Grala (R)
23 7 Corey LaJoie
24 11 Denny Hamlin
25 12 Ryan Blaney
26 24 William Byron
27 10 Noah Gragson
28 6
29 51 Justin Haley
30 71 Zane Smith (R)
31 31 Daniel Hemric
32 22 Joey Logano
33 3 Austin Dillon
34 23 Bubba Wallace
35 8 Kyle Busch
36 48 Alex Bowman


As the dust settles from the eventful USA Today 301, attention swiftly turns to the next challenge on the NASCAR calendar: the Nashville Superspeedway on June 30. This venue, known for its demanding 1.33-mile concrete track, promises to test the drivers’ endurance and skill. The anticipation is palpable as teams prepare to navigate the unique characteristics of the Superspeedway, where precision driving and strategic pit stops will be paramount.

Nashville Superspeedway’s layout, with its high-speed straights and tight turns, will likely foster intense competition and strategic battles, making it a must-watch event for NASCAR enthusiasts. The drivers will be vying not only for victory but also for critical points that could shape the remainder of the season.

USA TODAY 301 Full Results 3

News in Brief: USA TODAY 301 Full Results

The recent USA Today 301 race concluded with a dramatic victory by Bell, who demonstrated exceptional skill amidst challenging weather conditions. This event not only highlighted the intense competition among the top racers but also underscored the unpredictability of racing due to external factors.

The final standings reflect a fiercely contested race, setting the stage for heightened anticipation for the next event. The detailed performance metrics and race highlights offer valuable insights for enthusiasts and analysts equally.

Our Reader’s Queries

Q. Is the new Hampshire NASCAR race over?

A. Christopher Bell surged to the front on wet tires and successfully fended off Josh Berry to claim victory in Sunday’s USA TODAY 301 NASCAR Cup Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The race endured a red flag period lasting over two hours before resuming on Lap 219. Despite multiple late-race cautions, Bell persevered to conclude the prolonged event ahead of Berry.

Q. Who won the NASCAR race at New Hampshire today?

A. Christopher Bell emerged victorious at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway despite facing challenges such as rain delays, darkness, numerous cautions, and fierce competition. He clinched the win in the 2024 USA TODAY 301 NASCAR Cup Series race in Loudon, N.H.

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