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Rackley Roofing 200 Entry List: Check Out the Lineup

Rackley Roofing 200 Entry List: The Rackley Roofing 200 entry list for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is a fascinating tapestry of talent, featuring 39 trucks competing for 36 coveted spots. This diverse lineup includes seasoned veterans like Clint Bowyer, who brings a wealth of experience, and international contender Akinori Ogata, adding a unique global dimension. Emerging talents such as Mason Maggio signal the future of the sport, while the debut of Frankie Muniz adds an intriguing twist, drawing interest from both racing enthusiasts and mainstream audiences. With such a compelling array of drivers, what surprises and strategies will unfold on race day?

Key Highlights

  • 39 trucks will compete for 36 starting spots in the Rackley Roofing 200.
  • Corey Heim, driving the No. 11 Toyota, is a key contender with four wins this season.
  • Actor-turned-racer Frankie Muniz debuts in the No. 22 Ford F-150.
  • Veteran Clint Bowyer and international driver Akinori Ogata add diversity to the lineup.
  • Emerging talent Mason Maggio adds a youthful and dynamic presence to the race.

Overview of Entry List

In anticipation of the Rackley Roofing 200 at Nashville Superspeedway, the preliminary entry list features 39 trucks vying for a coveted spot in the 36-truck starting lineup, making the upcoming qualifying session an important determinant for three teams. This race, the 13th event in the 23-race NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season, promises to be a significant moment for drivers and teams looking to secure their positions and gain valuable points in the standings.

The dense competition highlights the significance of the qualifying rounds, where every lap and moment will count. Teams must optimize their setups and drivers need to deliver their best performances under stress to make the cut. For the three teams that will face elimination, the stakes are particularly high, adding an extra layer of intensity and drama to the proceedings.

Notable entries include seasoned veterans and rising stars, each bringing a unique blend of experience and ambition to the track. These drivers will need to navigate the 1.33-mile concrete oval of Nashville Superspeedway, known for its demanding turns and high-speed straights. The track’s unique characteristics will test the adaptability and skill of both drivers and their crews, as they fine-tune their strategies to handle the rigors of the race.

Moreover, the Rackley Roofing 200 serves as an important moment in the season, where performance can set the tone for the remaining races. Teams will be keen to utilize this opportunity to strengthen their championship bids, making the qualifying session not just a precursor to the main event, but a decisive factor in the broader championship narrative.

Rackley Roofing 200 Entry List 1

Corey Heim’s Return

Corey Heim, fresh off a victory at World Wide Technology Raceway, is positioned to make a noteworthy impact as he returns to the track in the No. 11 TRICON Garage Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, sponsored by Safelite. Heim’s recent success has solidified his standing as one of the dominant forces in the 2024 NASCAR Truck Series, and he is now setting his sights on securing his fifth win of the season.

Hailing from Marietta, Georgia, Heim has become a formidable competitor in the series, showcasing a blend of exceptional driving skill and tactical expertise. His impressive performance at World Wide Technology Raceway was a reflection of his ability to navigate high-pressure situations and execute race-winning strategies. As he heads into the Rackley Roofing 200, Heim’s confidence is likely to be at an all-time high, boosted by the momentum of his recent success.

The No. 11 TRICON Garage Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, supported by Safelite, has proven to be a reliable and competitive machine under Heim’s command. The synergy between driver and vehicle is evident, as Heim has consistently demonstrated his capability to extract maximum performance from the truck. This return marks a crucial point in Heim’s season, where a strong finish could greatly impact his championship aspirations.

Fans and competitors alike will be keenly watching Heim’s performance in the upcoming race. His return to the track not only adds excitement but also raises the level of competition. With his sights firmly set on another victory, Corey Heim is unquestionably a driver to watch in the Rackley Roofing 200, promising a thrilling continuation to an already remarkable season.

Notable Debut – Frankie Muniz

Making waves in the motorsports world, Frankie Muniz is set to make his NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series debut in the No. 22 Reaume Brothers Racing Ford F-150. Known widely for his successful acting career, particularly his role in ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ Muniz’s shift to motorsports has been a subject of considerable interest and speculation. This debut marks a significant milestone as he seeks to establish his credentials in the competitive NASCAR arena.

Muniz has already dipped his toes into the NASCAR waters with two NASCAR Xfinity Series events earlier this year. However, those outings were tainted by unfortunate DNFs (Did Not Finish), leaving him enthusiastic to prove his resilience and talent in the Truck Series. The move to the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series will offer Muniz a fresh opportunity to demonstrate his racing skills in a different format, and fans are keen to see how he adapts to the unique challenges that truck racing presents.

The No. 22 Reaume Brothers Racing Ford F-150, a vehicle known for its solid performance and reliability, will be Muniz’s machine of choice for this debut. Team Reaume Brothers Racing, with its experience and strategic know-how, could provide the necessary support Muniz needs to make a successful shift and potentially deliver a commendable performance.

As Muniz prepares for this crucial race, the motorsports community will be watching closely. His entry into the Rackley Roofing 200 isn’t just about a single race; it’s about the potential start of a new chapter in his multifaceted career.

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Racing Background of Frankie Muniz

Leveraging his diverse experiences in motorsports, Frankie Muniz has methodically built a racing portfolio that highlights both his versatility and potential. Known to many as a former child actor, Muniz has effectively shifted into the world of racing with a focus that belies his Hollywood beginnings. His consistent performance in the ARCA Menards Series serves as a confirmation of his adaptability and skill on the track.

Despite not having competed in intermediate oval races in the NASCAR National Series, Muniz has demonstrated promise with two top-10 finishes in three ARCA starts on intermediate tracks. This impressive record emphasizes his capability to handle the unique challenges presented by these tracks, including the need for precision and endurance.

Muniz’s racing path is marked by his keen ability to learn and adapt, a trait that has surely contributed to his early successes. As he prepares for his truck series debut at Nashville Superspeedway, the motorsports community is keenly watching to see how his experience in the ARCA Menards Series will translate to this new challenge.

Event Performance
ARCA Intermediate Tracks 2 Top-10 finishes in 3 starts
Truck Series Debut Upcoming at Nashville
Motorsports Adaptability Proven in diverse settings


Muniz’s trajectory in racing is not just about raw talent but also about a strategic approach to his career progression. His ability to navigate through diverse racing formats and his commendable performance in the ARCA Menards Series are indicative of his potential to make a significant impact in the NASCAR National Series.

Complete Entry List Details

The Rackley Roofing 200 entry list features a diverse array of participants, ranging from seasoned veterans like Clint Bowyer to emerging talents such as Mason Maggio, each poised to demonstrate their skills at Nashville Superspeedway. This detailed list highlights the diversity of the field, encompassing a range of experience levels and driving styles, promising an exhilarating race.

Entry # Driver Team Sponsor(s) Manufacturer Crew Chief
1 2 Mason Massey Young’s Motorsports Brunt Chevrolet Trip Bruce
2 1 Brenden Queen TRICON Garage Best Repair Company Toyota Seth Smith
3 2 Nick Sanchez REV Racing Gainbridge Chevrolet
Kevin “Bono” Manion
4 5 Dean Thompson TRICON Garage Assured Partners Toyota Derek Smith
5 7 Clint Bowyer Spire Motorsports Rush Truck Centers Chevrolet Brian Pattie
6 9 Grant Enfinger CR7 Motorsports Champion Power Equipment Chevrolet Jeff Stankewicz
7 11 Corey Heim TRICON Garage Safelite Toyota Scott Zipadelli
8 13 Jake Garcia ThorSport Racing Quanta Services Ford Rich Lushes
9 15 Tanner Gray TRICON Garage Dead On Tools Toyota Jerame Donley
10 17 Taylor Gray TRICON Garage Caden Ingram Foundation Toyota Jeff Hensley
11 18 Tyler Ankrum McAnally-Hilgemann Racing Ullico Chevrolet Mike Hillman
12 19 Christian Eckes McAnally-Hilgemann Racing Adaptive One Calipers Chevrolet Charles Denike
13 20 Akinori Ogata Young’s Motorsports Hirotec Chevrolet Tyler Young
14 21 Mason Maggio Floridian Motorsports Ford Tim Horton
15 22 Frankie Muniz Reaume Brothers Racing Ford Performance Ford Greg Ely
16 25 Ty Dillon Rackley WAR Rackley Roofing Chevrolet Shane Wilson
17 26 Dawson Sutton Rackley WAR Rackley Roofing Chevrolet Willie Allen
18 27 Keith McGee Reaume Brothers Racing NUGGETTRAP.COM Ford Pedro Lopez
19 28 Bryan Dauzat FDNY Racing Chevrolet Jim Rosenblum
20 32 Bret Holmes Bret Holmes Racing Golden Eagle Chevrolet Mike Shiplett
21 33 Lawless Alan Reaume Brothers Racing AUTOParkIt Ford Doug George
22 38 Layne Riggs Front Row Motorsports Love’s Travel Stops Ford Dylan Cappello
23 41 Bayley Currey Niece Motorsports DQS / Masked Owl Technologies Chevrolet Cody Efaw
24 42 Matt Mills Niece Motorsports JF Electric Chevrolet Jon Leonard
25 43 Daniel Dye McAnally-Hilgemann Racing NAPA Night Vision Chevrolet
Blake Bainbridge
26 45 Kaden Honeycutt Niece Motorsports AutoVentive Chevrolet Phil Gould
27 46 Thad Moffitt Faction46 Chevrolet
Steve Gassmann
28 52 Stewart Friesen Halmar Friesen Racing Halmar International Toyota
Jimmy Villenueve
29 56 Timmy Hill Hill Motorsports Coble Enterprises / UNITS Toyota Terry Elmore
30 66 Conner Jones ThorSport Racing TSport Ford Josh Hankish
31 71 Rajah Caruth Spire Motorsports HendrickCars.com Chevrolet Chad Walter
32 75 Stefan Parsons Henderson Motorsports PopSells.com Chevrolet Chris Carrier
33 76 Spencer Boyd Freedom Racing Enterprises Record Rack Chevrolet Mike Hillman, Jr.
34 77 Chase Purdy Spire Motorsports Bama Buggies Chevrolet Jason Trinchere
35 88 Matt Crafton ThorSport Racing Zevo / Menards Ford Jeriod Prince
36 90 Justin Carroll Terry Carroll Motorsports Carroll’s Automotive / Duratain Toyota Kevin Bellicourt
37 91 Jack Wood McAnally-Hilgemann Racing Chevrolet Kevin Bellicourt
38 98 Ty Majeski ThorSport Racing Curb Records 60 Years Ford Joe Shear, Jr.
39 99 Ben Rhodes ThorSport Racing Campers Inn RV Ford Doug Randolph


Among the notable entries, Clint Bowyer (No. 7) stands out as a well-known figure with a wealth of experience. His participation adds a layer of interest, as fans eagerly anticipate his performance. Meanwhile, Akinori Ogata (No. 20) brings a unique international flair, while Mason Maggio (No. 21) represents the fresh wave of young talent eager to make a mark. Dawson Sutton (No. 26) and Keith McGee (No. 27) also contribute to the varied lineup, each driver bringing their own ambitions and racing philosophies to the table.

  1. Diverse Experience Levels: The list includes both veterans and rookies, offering a blend of strategic expertise and raw enthusiasm.
  2. International Presence: Drivers like Akinori Ogata bring global racing experience, adding an international dimension to the competition.
  3. Youthful Energy: Emerging talents such as Mason Maggio add a fresh, dynamic element, showcasing the future stars of the sport.

Rackley Roofing 200 Entry List 3

News in Brief: Rackley Roofing 200 Entry List

The Rackley Roofing 200 entry list exemplifies a harmonious blend of seasoned veterans, international competitors, and promising newcomers, creating a diverse and competitive field.

The return of Corey Heim and the debut of Frankie Muniz are particularly remarkable, each adding unique dimensions to the race.

This assembly of varied talents and backgrounds guarantees a dynamic and thrilling event, further solidifying the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series’ reputation for excitement and unpredictability.

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