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Josh Berry to Join Wood Brothers Racing in 2025 Season

Josh Berry to Join Wood Brothers Racing: In a notable strategic pivot within NASCAR, Josh Berry’s upcoming shift to Wood Brothers Racing for the 2025 season raises intriguing questions about the future direction of the team and its competitive dynamics. Announced at the Ford Technical Center, this change highlights Berry’s resilience and emphasizes a promising synergy with Team Penske, composed to improve Wood Brothers Racing’s performance metrics. Given Berry’s consistent track record and recent top finishes, industry insiders are eager to investigate how his integration will affect team operations and sponsorship alignments.

Key Highlights

  • Josh Berry will join Wood Brothers Racing for the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series season.
  • The move follows Stewart-Haas Racing’s operational changes and strategic shifts.
  • Berry’s recent performances include consistent top 5 and top 10 finishes, showcasing his potential.
  • Sponsorship negotiations are ongoing, with Motorcraft and Quick Lube expected as primary partners.
  • Berry’s collaboration with Wood Brothers Racing aims to enhance the team’s competitive edge and future success.

Josh Berry Joins Wood Brothers Racing

Josh Berry’s move to Wood Brothers Racing in 2025 marks a vital shift in his NASCAR Cup Series career, ensuring his continued presence at the premier racing level. As a 33-year-old rookie driving through the intricacies of top-tier stock car racing, Berry’s shift comes at a decisive time. Stewart-Haas Racing’s (SHR) decision to cease its four-car operation by the end of the 2024 season necessitated this strategic move. Berry’s proactive approach in seeking new opportunities highlights his dedication to hardening his career trajectory within the sport.

The announcement made at the Ford Technical Center signifies a new chapter for Berry and emphasizes the importance of strategic alliances in NASCAR. Wood Brothers Racing’s decision to bring Berry on board with a multiyear deal reflects their confidence in his abilities and potential to drive the No. 21 Ford to competitive heights. For Berry, this opportunity represents a smooth transition, ensuring he remains within the Ford Performance ecosystem, which has been instrumental in his development.

“This really feels like a great fit for me, I feel like I fit their brand and who they are and how I got here, how they got here. I feel like this is a great fit. I really enjoyed our relationship with Ford and to continue that on was something that’s important to me, and I appreciate and I’m thankful to have that opportunity. And it really just means a lot to drive an iconic car like the 21.” – Berry

Berry’s tenure with Stewart-Haas Racing, particularly piloting the No. 4 car, has been marked by a blend of learning and showcasing his racing skills. His ability to adapt to the intense demands of the Cup Series will be essential as he moves to Wood Brothers Racing. This shift is not merely about continuity but about leveraging his accumulated experience to propel forward a team with a storied legacy in NASCAR.

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Berry’s Fit with Wood Brothers Racing

Berry’s integration into Wood Brothers Racing presents a promising alignment of his driving style with the team’s storied heritage and technical partnership with Team Penske. His arrival at Wood Brothers Racing signifies more than just a driver change; it embodies a strategic move aimed at leveraging Berry’s unique skill set and racing ethos to propel the team forward. The Wood Brothers’ legacy, combined with Berry’s tenacity and proven track record, paves the way for a potentially fruitful collaboration.

“I have a great opportunity to come in here and help be a part of getting them back to running where they want to run and where they expect to run, and I have the same expectations. I feel like that between everyone here at the Wood Brothers, between the affiliation with Team Penske and Ford, I think we have the pieces in place to be competitive. And I think where I’m at with the Next Gen car, I think we’ll be able to hit the ground running.” – Berry

  1. Alignment with Team Heritage: Berry’s approach to racing mirrors the values that the Wood Brothers have upheld for decades. His path, characterized by resilience and hard work, resonates with the team’s ethos and history, making him a natural fit for their brand.
  2. Technical Synergy with Team Penske: The affiliation with Team Penske provides Berry with access to top-tier resources and expertise. This relationship guarantees that Berry can fully exploit technological advancements, enhancing performance and competitiveness on the track.
  3. Continued Relationship with Ford: Berry has expressed appreciation for his ongoing relationship with Ford. This continuity is pivotal as it provides a stable platform for Berry to integrate smoothly into the team, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum performance.
  4. Iconic Vehicle Legacy: Driving the iconic No. 21 car is more than a privilege; it’s a testament to Berry’s capabilities and potential. The car’s storied history adds a layer of prestige and expectation, motivating Berry to uphold and exceed the high standards set by previous drivers.

Harrison Burton’s Departure

Harrison Burton’s departure from Wood Brothers Racing marks a significant shift in the team’s strategy, prompted by a clear need for improved performance and results. Burton, who has been behind the wheel of the No. 21 Ford since 2022, has struggled to deliver the level of success that both the team and its stakeholders expect. Over 91 starts, Burton has secured only one top-five and five top-10 finishes, a record that highlights the team’s need for a more competitive edge.

Analyzing Burton’s recent performance statistics reveals a concerning trend. His average finish through the initial 19 races of the 2024 season stands at 26.7, which is a significant decline from his 2023 average. To compound matters, Burton currently ranks 33rd in points, a position that does little to bolster confidence in his ability to lead the team forward.

“We need to be better. There’s no secret.”

“This is a business that’s based on chemistry, and it’s a sport that’s based on results, and right now, we’re just not having those results. You know, Harrison shares some responsibility. If it’s on us — we’re not pointing fingers. We’re not here to say this one’s at fault; that one’s at fault. We’re just not where we need to be, and so finding that right chemistry and balance to have those results and performance, that’s what we’re looking for.” – Wood

The decision to part ways with Burton is not simply a reaction but a strategic pivot aimed at reinvigorating the team’s competitive spirit. While it is often said that motorsport is as much about the driver’s skill as it is about the car’s performance, the results-driven nature of NASCAR leaves little room for prolonged underperformance.

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Berry’s Recent Performance

The recent performance of the No. 4 Ford team under Josh Berry’s command has demonstrated a remarkable consistency, even amid the challenges of a closing organization. Despite steering through a season marked by uncertainty, Berry’s resilience and skill have been evident, showcasing his potential to thrive in competitive environments.

“He ran arguably as good or better in that short time in the two Hendrick cars that he has now — as a rookie with never even sitting in (a Next Gen car)”

 “And that was a completely different manufacturer, a completely different team, a completely different crew chief. So you can’t really say it was one crew chief that made that difference.” – Wood 

  1. Top 5 and Top 10 Finishes: Berry has managed to secure one top-five and two top-10 finishes in the past three races. This consistency is a testament to both his driving expertise and the team’s ability to optimize performance despite organizational turbulence.
  2. Strong Showing at Iowa Speedway: At Iowa Speedway, Berry led for 32 laps, demonstrating his ability to command the race. Although he finished seventh, his leadership on the track highlighted his strategic skill and adaptability.
  3. Podium Finishes at Darlington and New Hampshire: Berry achieved third-place finishes at Darlington Raceway in May and New Hampshire Motor Speedway in June. These podium placements emphasize his competitive edge and his capacity to compete with the top drivers in the series.
  4. Top 10 in the Coca-Cola 600: Berry’s 10th-place finish in the grueling Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway further reinforces his endurance and focus over extended race distances.

Sponsorship and Future Plans

Having demonstrated his competitive skills on the track, attention now shifts to the sponsorship scene and strategic planning for Josh Berry’s upcoming tenure with Wood Brothers Racing in the 2025 season. Berry’s shift comes with significant anticipation, not just from fans but also from potential sponsors looking to align with a promising talent in NASCAR.

Sponsorship for the No. 21 team in the 2025 season is still under negotiation, indicating a crucial phase in securing the financial backbone necessary for a successful campaign. Motorcraft and Quick Lube have confirmed their commitment, stepping in as primary partners for approximately half the season and maintaining an associate sponsor role throughout the entire campaign. This partnership provides a stable platform, yet leaves room for additional sponsorship deals to be finalized.

Berry’s current crew chief, Rodney Childers, has openly expressed his willingness to continue working with Berry if such opportunities arise. This continuity could be instrumental for Berry, providing technical consistency and fostering a smooth shift to the new team. The final decision on the crew chief remains pending, a critical factor that will unquestionably influence team dynamics and performance.

“Rodney and I’ve had a great relationship, for sure, but this opportunity jumped out, and they came to me and said, Hey, we want to get you signed up first,We want to get our driver that we want, and then we’re going to go to work with you and whoever else that we’re going to meet with, whether that’s at Team Penske or wherever, and try to iron this out and figure out what’s the best fit.”

“That’s what I have learned this year is … how important the culture is in the fit and the belief between the driver and the crew chief, ownership, management and the team.” berry

Strategically, Wood Brothers Racing’s quick decision to secure Berry highlights their confidence in his abilities and their vision for the future. This move signals a clear direction for the team, aiming to capitalize on Berry’s potential to boost their standing in the highly competitive NASCAR landscape.

“The thing that’s encouraging is people consider Josh a driver that you hire that doesn’t bring any funding. But that was past tense” 

“Like, the way he’s running, now, you don’t know what’s going to happen from this point to the end of the season that he brings some that have changed their mind that weren’t previously going to follow him that maybe do.

“But to answer that question, it has never been about a driver with funding. I know that was mentioned. But that has never been a consideration.” – wood

Josh Berry to Join Wood Brothers Racing 3

News in Brief: Josh Berry to Join Wood Brothers Racing

The strategic integration of Josh Berry into Wood Brothers Racing for the 2025 season is poised to boost the team’s competitive edge within NASCAR. Berry’s consistent performance history and alignment with Team Heritage and Team Penske’s technical framework suggest a potentially strong collaboration.

This move, following Harrison Burton’s departure, aims to lift Wood Brothers Racing’s standing, driven by Berry’s proven track record and the anticipated support from new sponsorships and partnerships.

Our Reader’s Queries

Q. How long have the Wood Brothers been racing?

A. Wood Brothers Racing, NASCAR’s oldest team, was established by Glen Wood in 1950. With over 1,600 races under their belt, the team has amassed 99 total wins.

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