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Daniel Hemric Backed by New Sponsor; Black’s Tire at Darlington

Daniel Hemric Backed by New Sponsor: As Black’s Tire marks its 95th anniversary, its strategic decision to sponsor Daniel Hemric at Darlington Raceway encapsulates a significant branding strategy within NASCAR’s competitive arena. This partnership with Kaulig Racing not only highlights Hemric’s commendable track performance but also utilizes a nostalgic throwback theme to strengthen brand recognition and consumer connection. Incorporating community-focused initiatives, such as involving local employees and celebrating Mother’s Day, Black’s Tire aims to fortify its community ties while enhancing its market presence.

Key Takeaways

  • Black’s Tire continues its partnership with Kaulig Racing by sponsoring Daniel Hemric at Darlington Raceway.
  • The sponsorship event features BTS Tire & Wheel Distributors’ throwback colors, celebrating their 95th anniversary.
  • The partnership aims to enhance brand visibility and align with Black’s Tire ethos of excellence in NASCAR.
  • This race event coincides with Mother’s Day, incorporating a family-oriented promotion and community engagement.
  • Daniel Hemric’s recent top-10 finishes have positioned him well, with Black’s Tire support expected to boost his performance further.

Black’s Tire Returns to Sponsor Daniel Hemric at Darlington Raceway

Black’s Tire, a seasoned sponsor in NASCAR’s National Series, is set to continue its partnership with Kaulig Racing by sponsoring driver Daniel Hemric at the upcoming Darlington Raceway event. This strategic alliance marks a significant continuation of Black’s Tire’s involvement in high-profile racing, reinforcing its commitment to the sport and its athletes.

The collaboration between Black’s Tire and Kaulig Racing began last season when the company took on the role of the primary sponsor for AJ Allmendinger and the No. 16 Chevrolet Camaro during the Spring’s Throwback Weekend at Darlington. This previous partnership set the stage for the current sponsorship, showcasing Black’s Tire’s dedication to nurturing long-term relationships within the NASCAR community.


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Black’s Tire Excited to Showcase Throwback Colors

Celebrating its 95th anniversary, BTS Tire & Wheel Distributors excitedly anticipates displaying its throwback colors and logo during the NASCAR throwback weekend at Darlington Raceway. This strategic alignment with the heritage-laden event highlights the company’s rich history and ongoing commitment to motorsports. Leveraging the iconic Darlington Raceway, known for its storied past and affectionately dubbed ‘The Lady in Black,’ BTS Tire & Wheel Distributors is poised to connect its legacy with the broader narrative of NASCAR’s evolution.

This partnership with Kaulig Racing for the next time at this venue amplifies the significance of the occasion. Ricky Benton, president of Black’s Tire, represents the sentiment, noting the dual celebration of the company’s milestone and the sport’s tradition. The throwback theme provides a unique platform for BTS to articulate its brand evolution visually and emotionally, resonating deeply with long-time motorsport fans and new audiences.

“We’re excited to team up with our friends at Kaulig Racing for the second time at Darlington.” 

“With this year being our 95th anniversary, we thought what better way to celebrate than to use our ‘throwback’ colors for NASCAR’s annual throwback weekend.“-Ricky Benton, president at Black’s Tire

Black’s Tire Sponsors Daniel Hemric (4)

Mother’s Day Promotion and Community Engagement

In a creative approach to community engagement, Black’s Tire will utilize its proximity to Darlington Raceway by inviting BTS employees and their mothers to enjoy a special Mother’s Day event filled with thrilling NASCAR racing. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to deepen the company’s ties with the community and boost its brand visibility by aligning with culturally significant events. By offering an exclusive experience on a day dedicated to honoring mothers, Black’s Tire not only promotes a family-oriented image but also capitalizes on a unique opportunity to create lasting memories for its employees and their families.

The collaboration with Kaulig Racing amplifies this engagement initiative, as expressed by Chris Rice, President of Kaulig Racing, who emphasizes the shared values of family between the two organizations. This partnership further enriches the experience by highlighting the commitment of both entities to family values, thus reinforcing the authenticity of the event. The strategic choice of Mother’s Day for this event is particularly astute, resonating deeply with both employees and customers, and strengthening the familial bonds that Black’s Tire aims to celebrate and fortify.

“Not only are we excited to team up with Black’s Tire for its 95th anniversary, but we have the chance to help thank moms of BTS employees and customers on Mother’s Day.”

”We’re proud to partner with an organization that values family as much as we do at Kaulig Racing. We can’t wait to take on ‘Too Tough To Tame’ together.”- Chris Rice

Black’s Tire Sponsors Daniel Hemric (1)

Hemric’s Recent Performance and Sponsorship Addition

Daniel Hemric’s recent surge in performance, marked by consecutive top-10 finishes, has aptly coincided with the announcement of Black’s Tire as his newest sponsor. This strategic alliance emerges as Hemric, the Kannapolis, North Carolina native, displays his skills on the NASCAR Cup Series circuit, achieving ninth-place results at both Talladega Superspeedway and Dover Motor Speedway. Such performances not only underscore his potential but also strengthen his marketability to sponsors like Black’s Tire.

Currently positioned 25th in the point standings after 11 events, Hemric has shown consistent competitiveness with two top-10 and five top-20 finishes. His ability to stay competitive until the end of each race—a feat shared with only six other drivers this season—highlights his reliability and skill in maneuvering the challenges of NASCAR’s elite series. This resilience is particularly commendable given the unpredictable nature of stock car racing, where mechanical failures and on-track incidents are common.

The timing of Black’s Tire’s sponsorship is impeccable, reflecting a mutual recognition of potential and performance. For Black’s Tire, aligning with a rising talent like Hemric offers a valuable platform for brand exposure and customer engagement, particularly at high-visibility venues like Darlington Raceway. Conversely, for Hemric, the support from Black’s Tire provides not only financial backing but also a surge in confidence, crucial for any driver aiming to rise in the highly competitive environment of NASCAR.

Black’s Tire Sponsors Daniel Hemric (2)

News in Brief: Daniel Hemric Backed by New Sponsor

Black’s Tire’s sponsorship of Daniel Hemric at Darlington Raceway exemplifies a strategic marketing initiative that integrates historical homage with contemporary branding. By leveraging the throwback colors during their 95th anniversary, Black’s Tire not only amplifies brand visibility but also strengthens community relations through targeted engagement activities. Hemric’s promising performance under this partnership further solidifies the brand’s association with success, making this collaboration a potent blend of tradition, community, and sporting excellence.

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