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Wright Brand 250 Entry List: Drivers Set for N. Wilkesboro

Wright Brand 250 Entry List: As the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series returns to the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway for the Wright Brand 250, the entry list reveals a mix of seasoned racers and emerging talents poised to compete on this legendary track. With 38 drivers, including notables such as Ross Chastain in the No. 45 Chevrolet and Aric Almirola in the No. 16, the battle for the coveted 36 spots promises to escalate. This combination of experience and new blood brings a dynamic element to the race, raising questions about who will exploit the track’s unique challenges to their advantage.

Key Takeaways

  • 38 trucks are competing for 36 spots at the Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway.
  • Notable drivers include Ross Chastain, Brendan Queen, and Nick Sanchez.
  • The track poses unique challenges with demanding turns and variable banking.
  • The race is crucial as it’s the 10th in a 23-race season, affecting championship standings.
  • Two teams will not qualify, highlighting the event’s competitive nature.

Preliminary Entry List

The preliminary entry list for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway features 38 trucks vying for 36 available spots in this highly anticipated race. As the 10th race in the robust 23-race season, this event not only marks an important point in the championship battle but also serves as a significant challenge for teams and drivers tackling the historic short track.

North Wilkesboro paved oval short-track, with its rich racing heritage, presents unique challenges that test both the mechanical expertise and the tactical insight of each crew. Teams must adapt their setups to a track known for its demanding turns and variable banking, which can unsettle trucks that aren’t finely tuned for its distinct characteristics. This qualifying adds an layer of intensity as two teams will inevitably face the disappointment of not making the race.

Wright Brand 250 Entry List (2)

Notable Competitors

Ross Chastain’s recent victory at Darlington positions him as a strong  contender in the No. 45 Chevrolet Silverado, headlining a varied group of notable competitors in the Wright Brand 250. With the backing of the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program, Chastain’s presence not only boosts the competition but also highlights the essential role of sponsorship in leveraging race-day performance. His aggressive yet strategic driving style, honed over numerous races, sets a high standard for his peers.

Among the diverse talents joining Chastain is Brendan ‘Butterbean’ Queen in the No. 1 truck. Known for his resilience on the track, Queen’s ability to handle high-pressure situations could see him making significant progress in the standings. Additionally, the young prodigy Sammy Smith in truck No. 7 is another one to watch. With a knack for quick adjustments and a calm demeanor, Smith’s participation hints at exciting developments during the race.

Veteran driver Aric Almirola returns with the No. 16, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a meticulous approach to racing. His involvement adds a layer of intrigue, blending seasoned expertise with raw speed and precision. Another notable entry is Stefan Parsons in the No. 75, whose consistent performances have shown promising signs of podium potential. Parsons’ strategic skills will be essential in maneuvering the challenging turns of N. Wilkesboro.

Furthermore, the entry list includes emerging talents like Dawson Sutton and Conner Jones, who are enthusiastic to make their mark. Their highlights the race’s reputation as a battleground for both seasoned veterans and budding stars, making the Wright Brand 250 a must-watch event for enthusiasts of the sport.

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Wright Brand 250 Entry List

Several skilled drivers are set to compete in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Wright Brand 250, each bringing a unique set of strengths and strategic approaches to the race. Among the notable entrants is Mason Massey, driving the #02 Chevrolet for Young’s Motorsports, guided by crew chief Trip Bruce III. Massey’s resilience and technical skill will be vital as he navigates the challenging turns of N. Wilkesboro.

Clayton Green, piloting the #04 Chevrolet for Roper Racing Team with Bruce Cook at the helm, brings a fresh perspective and youthful energy that could disrupt the dynamics among more seasoned drivers. His agility and quick decision-making are expected to shine on this historic track.

In the #1 Toyota for TRICON Garage, Brenden Queen, supported by crew chief Seth Smith, is poised to utilize his strategic racing intellect and consistency. His methodical approach to racing could very well position him at the forefront of the competition.

Nick Sanchez, in the #2 Chevrolet for REV Racing, teams up with veteran Kevin ‘Bono’ Manion, offering a blend of raw speed and extensive racecraft knowledge. Sanchez’s aggressive driving style paired with Manion’s strategic expertise makes them strong contenders.

Entry#DriverTeamCrew Chief
12Mason MasseyYoung’s MotorsportsTrip Bruce III
24Clayton GreenRoper Racing TeamBruce Cook
31Brenden QueenTRICON GarageSeth Smith
42Nick SanchezREV Racing
Kevin “Bono” Manion
55Dean ThompsonTRICON GarageDerek Smith
67Sammy SmithSpire MotorsportsBrian Pattie
79Grant EnfingerCR7 Motorsports
Jeff Stankewicz
811Corey HeimTRICON GarageScott Zipadelli
913Jake GarciaThorSport RacingRich Lushes
1014Trey Hutchens IIITrey Hutchens Racing
Bobby Hutchens
1115Tanner GrayTRICON Garage
Jerame Donley
1216Aric AlmirolaHattori Racing Enterprises
Richie Wauters
1317Taylor GrayTRICON GarageJeff Hensley
1418Tyler AnkrumMcAnally-Hilgemann RacingMark Hillman
1519Christian EckesMcAnally-Hilgemann Racing
Charles Denike
1622TBAReaume Brothers RacingJohn Reaume
1725Ty DillonRackley WARShane Wilson
1826Dawson SuttonRackley WARWillie Allen
1932Bret HolmesBret Holmes RacingMike Shiplett
2033Lawless AlanReaume Brothers RacingDoug George
2138Layne RiggsFront Row Motorsports
Dylan Cappello
2241Bayley CurreyNiece Motorsports
Mike Hillman, Jr.
2342Matt MillsNiece MotorsportsJon Leonard
2443Daniel DyeMcAnally-Hilgemann Racing
Blake Bainbridge
2545Ross ChastainNiece MotorsportsPhil Gould
2646Thad MoffittFaction46
Steve Gassmann
2752Stewart FriesenHalmar Friesen Racing
Jimmy Villenueve
2856Timmy HillHill MotorsportsTerry Elmore
2966Conner JonesThorSport RacingJosh Hankish
3071Rajah CaruthSpire MotorsportsChad Walter
3175Stefan ParsonsHenderson MotorsportsChris Carrier
3276Spencer BoydFreedom Racing Enterprises
Jeff Hammond
3377Chase PurdySpire Motorsports
Jason Trinchere
3488Matt CraftonThorSport RacingJeriod Prince
3590Justin CarrollTerry Carroll MotorsportsTerry Carroll
3691Jack WoodMcAnally-Hilgemann Racing
Kevin Bellicourt
3798Ty MajeskiThorSport RacingJoe Shear, Jr.
3899Ben RhodesThorSport Racing
Doug Randolph


Dean Thompson and Derek Smith, representing TRICON Garage in the #5 Toyota, are set to showcase their collaborative strength. Thompson’s ability to adapt and Smith’s tactical expertise could lead to a formidable performance.

Wright Brand 250 Entry List (1)

News in Brief: Wright Brand 250 Entry List

The upcoming NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway presents a compelling lineup of seasoned veterans and emerging talents. Competitors like Ross Chastain and Aric Almirola bring experience and skill, while newcomers such as Sammy Smith add a fresh dynamic to the race. This blend of expertise and new potential sets the stage for a highly competitive and unpredictable event, highlighting the enduring appeal and excitement of truck racing.

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