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Joey Hand Joins RFK Racing for NASCAR Cup Debut at Chicago

Joey Hand Joins RFK Racing: Joey Hand, a distinguished Ford factory driver known for his victories in endurance racing, is poised to make his NASCAR Cup debut with RFK Racing at Chicago as part of the ‘Stage 60’ program. This initiative by RFK Racing highlights their ongoing commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform for drivers to move into new racing arenas. Hand’s illustrious career, highlighted by wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, adds a layer of intrigue to his debut in the NASCAR world.

Key Highlights

  • Joey Hand joins RFK Racing’s ‘Stage 60’ program for his NASCAR Cup debut in Chicago.
  • Hand is a versatile and accomplished Ford factory driver with notable wins, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  • RFK Racing’s ‘Stage 60’ program offers part-time opportunities for drivers, with consistent sponsorship from BuildSubmarines.com.
  • Hand’s best NASCAR performance was a 20th-place finish at Sonoma in 2022.
  • Shane van Gisbergen’s debut Cup win in Chicago sets high expectations for Hand’s upcoming race.

Introduction and RFK Racing’s ‘Stage 60’ Program

RFK Racing’s creative ‘Stage 60’ program, which features a part-time No. 60 Ford entry, continues to broaden its competitive roster with the inclusion of Joey Hand for his NASCAR Cup debut in Chicago. This strategic initiative represents RFK Racing’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for drivers to demonstrate their skills on one of motorsport’s grandest stages. The ‘Stage 60’ program, which operates alongside the team’s two full-time entries driven by team co-owner Brad Keselowski and Chris Buescher.

The No. 60 Ford entry, while not a permanent fixture in every race, is instrumental in offering a platform for emerging and seasoned drivers to gain valuable experience in the highly competitive environment of NASCAR. By adopting a part-time schedule, RFK Racing can carefully select races that align with the strengths and strategic goals of each driver, thereby optimizing performance and exposure.

Joey Hand’s inclusion in the ‘Stage 60’ program highlights the team’s intent to blend fresh talent with experienced professionals, fostering a dynamic and adaptable racing team. Hand, a seasoned driver with a diverse racing background, brings a wealth of experience that is expected to elevate the team’s performance and strategic depth.

Joey Hand Joins RFK Racing

Previous Drivers and Sponsorship

The ‘Stage 60’ program has already seen notable drivers such as David Ragan and 12-time Supercars winner Cam Waters behind the wheel, with BuildSubmarines.com consistently supporting these efforts as a key sponsor. This initiative, spearheaded by RFK Racing, has aimed to bring diverse talent to the forefront of NASCAR Cup racing.

David Ragan, a seasoned NASCAR driver, demonstrated his expertise by driving the Stage 60 car at the prestigious Daytona 500, highlighting the program’s dedication to leveraging experienced talent. Meanwhile, Cam Waters, acclaimed for his success in the Supercars Championship, took the helm at Sonoma Raceway.

BuildSubmarines.com has been a steadfast supporter of the ‘Stage 60’ initiative, emphasizing the importance of strong sponsorship in motorsports. Their sponsorship has played a significant role in ensuring the success and visibility of the program.

  • Consistent Sponsorship: Supported the initiative at Daytona and Sonoma, showcasing their commitment to the program.
  • Brand Visibility: Amplified the visibility of BuildSubmarines.com within the NASCAR community through strategic sponsorship.
  • Driver Support: Provided necessary financial backing, enabling drivers like Ragan and Waters to compete at high-profile events.

Background and Achievements of Joey Hand

Joey Hand, a versatile and accomplished driver, has built an impressive career as a Ford factory driver in different sports car racing disciplines. His path in motorsports is marked by significant achievements, highlighting his adaptability and skill across different racing formats. Hand’s career took off when he captured the championship in the Star Mazda Series, demonstrating his potential early on.

Hand’s prominence in the racing world was further solidified with his notable performances in some of the most challenging endurance races. In 2011, he co-won the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona, one of the crown jewels of American endurance racing. This victory not only confirmed his reputation but also highlighted his ability to perform under challenging conditions in a team setting.

The following year, Hand continued to demonstrate his skills by winning the 12 Hours of Sebring in 2012, another validation of his endurance racing capabilities. Perhaps one of Hand’s most remarkable achievements came in 2016 when he excelled in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, securing victory in the highly competitive LMGTE Pro Class. This win at Le Mans, a race renowned for its history and difficulty, emphasized Hand’s status as one of the top drivers in the world.

Joey Hand Joins RFK Racing

Joey Hand’s Comments and NASCAR Experience

Hand’s enthusiasm for joining the ‘Stage 60’ program at RFK Racing is palpable as he prepares for the challenging street race in Chicago.

“Saying I’m excited is an understatement To be part of the ‘Stage 60’ program is going to be awesome. I’ve gotten close with the RFK team while working with them on the simulator over the past three years and have a ton of respect for what they are doing.”

“I love street racing and have done a lot of it in my career, so Chicago is right in my wheelhouse. NASCAR is some of the toughest competition I’ve been up against and there’s nothing like some good street fighting to put on a show for the fans.” – hand

He emphasized the strong rapport he has built with the RFK team over the past three years while working with them on the simulator. This collaboration has instilled in him a deep respect for their operations and a sense of readiness for the upcoming race.

Hand’s extensive experience in street racing is a significant asset as he moves into the NASCAR Cup Series. His previous stints in NASCAR have equipped him with invaluable insights into the competition.

  • Hand made his NASCAR debut in 2021 with Rick Ware Racing, driving the No. 52 car at the Charlotte Roval.
  • In 2022, he competed in six races for RWR, all on road courses, demonstrating his adeptness in tackling complex tracks.
  • His best performance came at Sonoma, where he secured a commendable 20th-place finish.

Hand acknowledges the formidable nature of NASCAR, describing it as ‘some of the toughest competition’ he has faced. Yet, he remains undeterred, viewing the street race in Chicago as a prime opportunity to display his skills and entertain fans. His affinity for street racing, combined with his familiarity with RFK Racing’s methodologies, positions him well for a promising debut.

Historical Context

In a remarkable turn of events last July, three-time Supercars champion Shane van Gisbergen made history by winning a Cup race in his debut, marking the initial such achievement in over six decades. This victory took place at the inaugural Chicago race, a landmark event in NASCAR’s storied history, and was achieved while driving for Trackhouse Racing. Van Gisbergen’s accomplishment not only highlighted his exceptional skill but also showcased the evolving competitive landscape of NASCAR.

Van Gisbergen’s achievement is a modern echo of historical feats in NASCAR, evocative of the early days when pioneers like Johnny Mantz surprised the racing world with unexpected victories. Mantz’s win at the Southern 500 in 1950 as a rookie set a precedent for debut success in the Cup Series, a feat largely unmatched until van Gisbergen’s recent success.

This historic context sets an intriguing stage for Joey Hand’s upcoming debut with RFK Racing at the Chicago race. Hand, a seasoned driver with extensive experience in sports car racing, now steps into a narrative enriched by van Gisbergen’s precedent-setting win.

Joey Hand Joins RFK Racing

News in Brief: Joey Hand Joins RFK Racing

Joey Hand’s NASCAR Cup debut with RFK Racing under the ‘Stage 60’ program signifies a strategic move to capitalize on his extensive racing experience and success. Hand’s participation highlights RFK Racing’s dedication to talent development and competitive excellence.

As Hand moves into this new chapter, the motorsport community anticipates his contributions to the NASCAR Cup Series, potentially setting a precedent for future cross-disciplinary drivers. The collaboration exemplifies the dynamic evolution within motorsport, fostering growth and innovation.

Our Reader’s Queries

Q. Is Joey Hand still racing?

A. Widely regarded as one of the top road racers globally, Joey Hand returned for his fourth full-time season with Ford Chip Ganassi Racing in 2018. Before that, he competed in the team’s Ford EcoBoost prototype in 2015 and the Ford GT in 2016-17.

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