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Hyvee Perks 250 Starting Lineup: Top Contenders Revealed

Hyvee Perks 250 Starting Lineup: The Hyvee Perks 250 Starting Lineup is shaping up to be a riveting talent showcase seasoned veterans and emerging stars. With Austin Hill clinching the pole position due to unforeseen weather disruptions and Shane Van Gisbergen starting from the rear following a crash, the dynamics of the race are intriguingly unpredictable. Notable contenders like Sheldon Creed, Justin Allgaier, and Sam Mayer are all poised to make their mark on the track. As we analyze the strategic positions and potential maneuvers, what surprises might this altered lineup hold for both drivers and fans?

Key Highlights

  • Austin Hill secures the pole position with a metric score of 3.600.
  • Shane Van Gisbergen starts from second despite a crash, moving to the rear.
  • Sheldon Creed starts in the second row, known for his aggressive driving style.
  • Justin Allgaier, an experienced driver, is also in the second row.
  • Sam Mayer begins in the fifth spot, adding to the mix of strong contenders.

Lead and Background

The Hyvee Perks 250 at Iowa Speedway has seen a significant shake-up in its starting lineup, with Austin Hill inheriting the pole position due to rain canceling Saturday’s qualifying session. This unexpected turn of events places Hill in a prime position to optimize his performance in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, leveraging his advantageous starting spot to potentially secure a win.

The inclement weather not only altered the starting grid but also introduced an element of unpredictability, challenging the drivers to adjust swiftly. Hill, who has demonstrated consistent prowess this season, now faces a unique opportunity to make the most of this fortuitous placement. His pole position could be a crucial factor in maneuvering through the race’s initial stages with minimal traffic, thereby preserving his car’s integrity and optimizing his race strategy.

Shane van Gisbergen, initially slated to start from the runner-up position, will encounter a different hurdle. Following a crash in Friday’s practice session, van Gisbergen is compelled to start from the rear of the field due to his reliance on a backup car. This setback underscores the unpredictable nature of motorsports, where a single incident can drastically alter a team’s approach. For van Gisbergen, the challenge will be to navigate his way through the pack, relying on his skill and the performance of his backup vehicle to regain lost ground.

Hyvee Perks 250 Starting Lineup (2)

Starting Lineup Overview

Saturday’s race at Iowa Speedway will see Austin Hill leading the starting lineup, followed by Sheldon Creed, Justin Allgaier, and Sam Mayer rounding out the top five positions. The anticipation is palpable as these top contenders prepare to take on the 15th race of the 2024 NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Austin Hill’s pole position is a proof of his stellar performance this season, setting the stage for what promises to be a thrilling race. Hill’s consistency and strategic prowess have earned him this prime starting spot, giving him a significant advantage as the green flag drops.

Sheldon Creed, lining up in the runner-up position, has been a formidable force on the track, showcasing his ability to navigate high-pressure situations with skill and precision. His aggressive driving style and determination make him a strong contender, capable of challenging Hill for the lead.

Justin Allgaier, starting in the bronze spot, brings a wealth of experience and tactical acumen to the race. Known for his adaptability and relentless pursuit of victory, Allgaier’s presence in the top spots underscores his status as a perennial threat in the Xfinity Series.

Sam Mayer, occupying the fourth spot, represents the burgeoning talent in the series. Mayer’s remarkable rise and competitive edge have marked him as one to watch, with his sights set firmly on a podium finish.

The top five is completed by a mix of established veterans and emerging stars, each bringing unique strengths to the grid. With such a competitive field, the Hyvee Perks 250 promises to deliver high-octane action and strategic battles, engaging motorsport enthusiasts and setting the stage for an unforgettable race weekend.

Detailed Starting Lineup

Given the qualifying session being rained out, the starting lineup for the Hyvee Perks 250 has been determined by NASCAR’s Metric Formula. The lineup positions reflect a combination of recent performance metrics, ensuring a competitive field.

Starting on the pole is Austin Hill in the #21 Bennett Transportation Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing, boasting a metric score of 3.600. Joining him on the front row is Shane Van Gisbergen in the #97 Kubota Chevrolet for Kaulig Racing, with a close metric score of 4.650.

Row 2 features Sheldon Creed in the #18 Friends of Jaclyn Foundation Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing, followed by Justin Allgaier in the #7 BRANDT / Precision Build Chevrolet for JR Motorsports. Creed and Allgaier have metric scores of 5.200 and 5.900 respectively. Sam Mayer, also representing JR Motorsports in the #1 Roto-Rooter Chevrolet, rounds out the top five with a score of 6.300.

Row 3 highlights Chandler Smith in the #81 Mobil 1 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing and Cole Custer in the #00 Haas Automation Ford for Stewart-Haas Racing, with metric scores of 6.350 and 6.400 respectively. John Hunter Nemechek secures the eighth spot in the #20 Daisy Brands Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing.

The fourth row comprises Jesse Love in the #2 Whelen Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing and Parker Kligerman in the #48 Spiked Light Coolers Chevrolet for Big Machine Racing. They have metric scores of 8.550 and 10.150 respectively.

Row Pos No. Driver Team
1 1 21 Austin Hill
Richard Childress Racing
1 2 97 Shane Van Gisbergen Kaulig Racing
2 3 18 Sheldon Creed
Joe Gibbs Racing
2 4 7 Justin Allgaier JR Motorsports
3 5 1 Sam Mayer JR Motorsports
3 6 81 Chandler Smith
Joe Gibbs Racing
4 7 0 Cole Custer
Stewart-Haas Racing
4 8 20 John Hunter Nemechek
Joe Gibbs Racing
5 9 2 Jesse Love
Richard Childress Racing
5 10 48 Parker Kligerman
Big Machine Racing
6 11 16 AJ Allmendinger Kaulig Racing
6 12 98 Riley Herbst
Stewart-Haas Racing
7 13 31 Parker Retzlaff
Jordan Anderson Racing
7 14 44 Brennan Poole
Alpha Prime Racing
8 15 39 Ryan Sieg RSS Racing
8 16 51 Jeremy Clements
Jeremy Clements Racing
9 17 8 Sammy Smith JR Motorsports
9 18 29 Blaine Perkins RSS Racing
10 19 5 Anthony Alfredo Our Motorsports
10 20 43 Ryan Ellis
Alpha Prime Racing
11 21 28 Kyle Sieg RSS Racing
11 22 26 Corey Heim
Sam Hunt Racing
12 23 91 Kyle Weatherman DGM Racing
12 24 38 Matt DiBenedetto RSS Racing
13 25 42 Leland Honeyman
Young’s Motorsports
13 26 9 Brandon Jones JR Motorsports
14 27 11 Josh Williams Kaulig Racing
14 28 92 Ross Chastain DGM Racing
15 29 19 Brett Moffitt
Joe Gibbs Racing
15 30 27 Jeb Burton
Jordan Anderson Racing
16 31 14 David Starr
SS-GreenLight Racing
16 32 7 Patrick Emerling
SS-GreenLight Racing
17 33 15 Hailie Deegan AM Racing
17 34 4 Dawson Cram JD Motorsports
18 35 6 Garrett Smithley JD Motorsports
18 36 35 Joey Gase
Joey Gase Motorsports
19 37 10 Daniel Dye Kaulig Racing
19 38 53 Glen Reen
Joey Gase Motorsports


AJ Allmendinger in the #16 Cirkul Chevrolet for Kaulig Racing and Riley Herbst in the #98 Monster Energy Ford for Stewart-Haas Racing complete the top twelve, demonstrating a strong field set to compete in the Hyvee Perks 250.

Hyvee Perks 250 Starting Lineup (3)

News in Brief : Hyvee Perks 250 Starting Lineup

The Hyvee Perks 250 promises a compelling race with a blend of experienced veterans and emerging talents. Austin Hill’s pole position, alongside Shane Van Gisbergen’s start from the rear, sets a dynamic stage.

The inclusion of top contenders such as Sheldon Creed, Justin Allgaier, and Sam Mayer further heightens anticipation. The reconfigured starting lineup adds unpredictability, ensuring a highly competitive event.

This race exemplifies the thrilling nature of motorsport, where strategy and skill will determine the ultimate victor.

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