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CRC Brakleen 175 Entry List: Drivers Ready for NASCAR Action

CRC Brakleen 175 Entry List: As the CRC Brakleen 175 at Pocono Raceway approaches, the entry list reveals an alluring mix of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series talent prepared to tackle the challenging tri-oval. With standout names such as Kris Wright, Connor Mosack, and Sage Karam joining the fray, and seasoned pros like Ross Chastain making their return, the race promises a thrilling display of skill and strategy. Emerging drivers like Thad Moffitt will face off against veterans such as Zane Smith, ensuring a dynamic clash of ambition and experience. The stage is set for an unforgettable showdown, but what surprises might this diverse lineup hold?

Key Highlights

  • Kris Wright is driving the No. 1 truck for TRICON Garage.
  • Connor Mosack will be competing in the No. 7 truck for Spire Motorsports.
  • Ross Chastain returns with Niece Motorsports in the No. 45 truck.
  • Zane Smith is entering the race in the No. 91 truck for McAnally-Hilgemann Racing.
  • Thad Moffitt will be piloting the No. 46 truck for Young’s Motorsports.

Race Overview and Entry Details

With just three races remaining in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series regular season, the upcoming CRC Brakleen 175 at Pocono Raceway promises intense competition as 36 teams gear up to take the green flag. This race, set against the backdrop of the iconic 2.5-mile ‘Tricky Triangle,’ is crucial for teams working hard to secure their positions as the season nears its climax. Each turn at Pocono presents a unique challenge, demanding both strategic skill and driving excellence from the competitors.

The CRC Brakleen 175 stands out for its strategic complexity and for its critical timing. With the regular season winding down, every lap and every position on the track carry significant weight. Teams are carefully preparing, fine-tuning their trucks to adapt to Pocono’s distinctive layout, which features three turns, each with its own radius and banking. This configuration requires an exceptional balance between speed and handling, making crew chiefs and engineers integral to a successful race strategy.

Anticipation is palpable as the entry list confirms a full field of 36 trucks, ensuring a robust and diverse competition. As the green flag waves, drivers will navigate the subtleties of the track, from the long straightaways that test top speeds to the tight corners that demand precision and control.

CRC Brakleen 175 Entry List 1

Notable Driver and Team Entries

Highlighting the profundity of talent and diversity in the field, notable entries for the CRC Brakleen 175 include Kris Wright steering the No. 1 for TRICON Garage, Connor Mosack in the No. 7 for Spire Motorsports, and Sage Karam making his subsequent Truck start in the No. 21 for Floridian Motorsports. Each of these drivers brings a distinctive blend of experience and potential that promises to add excitement to the event.

Kris Wright, behind the wheel of the No. 1 truck for TRICON Garage, has shown consistent improvement throughout the season. His adaptability and tenacity on the track make him a formidable competitor. Wright’s experience in diverse racing disciplines, including sports cars and open-wheel racing, adds a layer of flexibility to his driving style, making him a driver to watch closely.

Connor Mosack, driving the No. 7 for Spire Motorsports, represents a young talent with significant promise. Mosack has gradually built a reputation for his strategic prowess and sharp racing instincts. His burgeoning career in NASCAR continues to gain momentum, and his appearance in the CRC Brakleen 175 could very well serve as a catalyst for further success.

Sage Karam, making his subsequent Truck start in the No. 21 for Floridian Motorsports, is a seasoned competitor known for his skill in both IndyCar and NASCAR circuits. Karam’s cross-disciplinary experience brings an added dimension to the field. His aggressive yet calculated racing style ensures that he will be a compelling figure to follow throughout the race.

Adding to the mix, Ross Chastain returns with Niece Motorsports in the No. 45 truck. Having already secured a victory at Darlington Raceway this season, Chastain’s presence amplifies the competitive intensity of the CRC Brakleen 175, promising a race that will be both uncertain and exhilarating.

CRC Brakleen 175 Entry List 2

Additional Notable Entries

Expanding the lineup of exceptional talents, Mason Maggio will take the wheel of the No. 22 for Reaume Brothers Racing, while Thad Moffitt is set to pilot the No. 46 for Young’s Motorsports, adding further depth to the competitive landscape of the CRC Brakleen 175. These entries are poised to infuse an invigorating mix of youth and ambition into the race, ensuring that fans and teams alike will witness a thrilling blend of both emerging and established skills on the track.

Maggio, whose noteworthy performances have garnered him attention, represents a strategic asset for Reaume Brothers Racing. His inclusion in the No. 22 highlights the team’s commitment to nurturing young talent and emphasizes their ambition to make a significant impact in this event. Maggio’s driving style, characterized by precision and adaptability, will be closely watched as he navigates the challenges of the CRC Brakleen 175.

Similarly, Thad Moffitt, a name synonymous with racing heritage, brings not only his skills but also a legacy steeped in NASCAR tradition to Young’s Motorsports. Piloting the No. 46, Moffitt is expected to utilize his racing expertise and lineage to push the team towards a commendable performance. His approach to racing—marked by a blend of tactical intelligence and raw speed—positions him as a formidable contender.

Additionally, Zane Smith‘s participation in the No. 91 for McAnally-Hilgemann Racing adds another layer of excitement. Smith, sharing driving duties with Jack Wood throughout the season, will be aiming to demonstrate his versatility and consistency, thereby enriching the competitive dynamics of the race.

CRC Brakleen 175 Entry List 4

Complete Entry List and Race Details

Presenting a detailed overview of the CRC Brakleen 175, the complete entry list for the 2024 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Pocono Raceway features an array of skilled drivers, dedicated teams, and their respective crew chiefs, all set to compete in this highly anticipated event. The race, scheduled for Friday, July 12, at 5:30 p.m. ET, will be broadcast live on FOX Sports 1, highlighting a competitive field ready to navigate the unique challenges of the Tricky Triangle.

Among the notable entries is reigning series champion John Hunter Nemechek, piloting the No. 4 Toyota for Kyle Busch Motorsports, with veteran crew chief Eric Phillips calling the shots. Also on the roster is Zane Smith in the No. 38 Ford for Front Row Motorsports, under the guidance of crew chief Chris Lawson. Both drivers are expected to be front-runners, given their exceptional performances in previous seasons.

Entry Veh # Driver Organization Crew Chief Veh Mfg Sponsor
1 1 Kris Wright TRICON Garage Seth Smith Toyota
America’s Auto Auction/Esmark
2 2 Mason Massey IV Young’s Motorsports Trip Bruce III Chevrolet BRUNT
3 2 Nicholas Sanchez Rev Racing Kevin Manion Chevrolet Gainbridge
4 5 Dean Thompson TRICON Garage Derek Smith Toyota
Thompson Pipe Group
5 7 Connor Mosack Spire Motorsports Brian Pattie Chevrolet
Friends of Jaclyn Foundation
6 9 Grant Enfinger CR7 Motorsports Jeff Stankiewicz Chevrolet
Champion Power Equipment
7 11 Corey Heim TRICON Garage Scott Zipadelli Toyota Safelite
8 13 Jake Garcia ThorSport Racing Rich Lushes Ford Quanta Services
9 15 Tanner Gray TRICON Garage Jerame Donley Toyota Operation 300
10 17 Taylor Gray TRICON Garage Jeff Hensley Toyota Place of Hope
11 18 Tyler Ankrum McAnally Hilgemann Racing Mark Hillman Chevrolet LiUNA!
12 19 Christian Eckes McAnally Hilgemann Racing Charles Denike Chevrolet NAPA Auto Care
13 22 Mason Maggio Reaume Brothers Racing Pedro Lopez Ford SI Yachts
14 25 Ty Dillon Rackley W.A.R Shane Wilson Chevrolet Rackley Roofing
15 27 Keith McGee Reaume Brothers Racing John Reaume Ford  
16 28 Bryan Dauzat FDNY Racing Jim Rosenblum Chevrolet  
17 32 Bret Holmes Bret Holmes Racing Mike Shiplett Chevrolet
Best Value Carriers
18 33 Lawless Alan Reaume Brothers Racing Doug George Ford AUTODockit
19 38 Layne Riggs Front Row Motorsports Dylan Cappello Ford
Infinity Communications Group
20 41 Bayley Currey Niece Motorsports Cody Efaw Chevrolet DQS
21 42 Matt Mills Niece Motorsports Jon Leonard Chevrolet
J.F. Electric/Utilitra
22 43 Daniel Dye McAnally Hilgemann Racing Blake Bainbridge Chevrolet
Champion Container
23 45 Ross Chastain (i) Niece Motorsports Phil Gould Chevrolet
Mar-Del Watermelon Association
24 52 Stewart Friesen Halmar Friesen Racing Jimmy Villeneuve Toyota
Halmar International
25 56 Timmy Hill Hill Motorsports Terry Elmore Toyota
Coble Enterprises
26 66 Luke Fenhaus ThorSport Racing Josh Hankish Ford  
27 71 Rajah Caruth Spire Motorsports Chad Walter Chevrolet  
28 76 Spencer Boyd Freedom Racing Enterprises Mike Hillman Jr. Chevrolet  
29 77 Chase Purdy Spire Motorsports Jason Trinchere Chevrolet  
30 88 Matt Crafton ThorSport Racing Jeriod Prince Ford  
31 90 Justin Carroll Terry Carroll Motorsports Terry Carroll Toyota
Carroll’s Automotive/Duratain
32 91 Zane Smith (i) McAnally Hilgemann Racing Kevin Bellicourt Chevrolet
33 98 Ty Majeski ThorSport Racing Joe Shear Jr. Ford
Soda Sense/Curb Records
34 99 Ben Rhodes ThorSport Racing Doug Randolph Ford Kubota
35 121 Sage Karam (i) Floridian Motorsports Carl Long Ford
Young’s Motorsports
36 146 Thad Moffitt     Chevrolet  


Budding talents like Carson Hocevar in the No. 42 Chevrolet for Niece Motorsports and Corey Heim in the No. 51 Toyota for Kyle Busch Motorsports are also key contenders. Hocevar’s aggressive driving style coupled with Heim’s methodical approach adds depth to the competition, promising an exciting race.

Additionally, seasoned driver Matt Crafton will be behind the wheel of the No. 88 Toyota for ThorSport Racing, with Carl Joiner Jr. as his crew chief. Crafton’s experience and strategic expertise make him a formidable presence on the track.

This year’s CRC Brakleen 175 is set to be a thrilling display of talent and strategy. With a diverse mix of seasoned veterans and emerging stars, the race at Pocono Raceway promises to deliver high-octane action and unforgettable moments for NASCAR enthusiasts.

News in Brief: CRC Brakleen 175 Entry List

The CRC Brakleen 175 at Pocono Raceway promises to be an exciting event, featuring a dynamic mix of up-and-coming talents and seasoned veterans. The entry list, highlighted by drivers such as Kris Wright, Connor Mosack, Sage Karam, Ross Chastain, and Mason Maggio, emphasizes the high level of competition. This race offers a compelling story of youth challenging experience, making it a highly anticipated event in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series calendar.

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