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Noah Gragson Joins Front Row Motorsports, Signs Multiyear Deal for 2025

Noah Gragson Joins Front Row Motorsports: Noah Gragson‘s recent multiyear agreement with Front Row Motorsports for the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series signifies a crucial change in his career path. Shifting from Stewart-Haas Racing to the Ford Performance Organization, this move highlights Gragson’s potential to be a competitive force within the NASCAR circuit. Front Row Motorsports’ calculated acquisition reflects their dedication to improve their driver lineup with top-tier talent. How will Gragson’s experience and Front Row’s resources harmonize to boost their performance in the upcoming seasons? Stay tuned as we delve into the implications of this partnership.

Key Highlights

  • Noah Gragson signed a multiyear deal with Front Row Motorsports for the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series season.
  • Gragson transitions from Stewart-Haas Racing to the Ford Performance Organization.
  • Front Row Motorsports expands to a three-vehicle operation with Gragson and Todd Gilliland.
  • The team aims to enhance its competitive edge with Gragson’s skills and experience.
  • The deal reflects Front Row Motorsports’ commitment to nurturing emerging talent like Gragson.

Noah Gragson Joins Front Row Motorsports

Noah Gragson is scheduled to join Front Row Motorsports under a multiyear agreement starting in the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series season. This strategic move was announced Wednesday at the NASCAR Productions Facility in Concord, North Carolina.

At 25, Gragson remains within the Ford Performance Organization, shifting from Stewart-Haas Racing, which is planned to end operations at the end of the 2024 season.

Gragson’s integration into Front Row Motorsports signifies a crucial shift for both the driver and the team. His tenure at Stewart-Haas Racing has without a doubt sharpened his skills, and his experience will be a valuable asset as he embarks on this new phase.

Front Row Motorsports is anticipated to capitalize on Gragson’s talent to improve their competitive edge in the NASCAR Cup Series. While the specifics regarding the crew chief, car number, and sponsorship partners are yet to be revealed, these elements will play a vital role in shaping the team’s strategy and performance.

This move also highlights Front Row Motorsports’ dedication to strengthening their lineup with skilled drivers capable of delivering reliable results. The team’s choice to secure Gragson’s services on a multiyear basis reflects a long-term vision aimed at stability and growth.

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Gragson’s Reflection on His Journey

Reflecting on his passage, Gragson expressed excitement and gratitude for the opportunities that have shaped his career in the NASCAR Cup Series. During a recent press conference, Gragson highlighted the crucial moments that steered his path, particularly his time at Stewart-Haas Racing in 2023. He openly admitted to initial uncertainties about his potential in the Cup Series, a sentiment that resonated throughout his early races.

“It’s definitely exciting times, When we started out this year, I didn’t know how I was going to run. I didn’t know if I had the potential to run in the Cup Series just based off how the 2023 season went, and to be able to get my feet underneath me with the opportunity at Stewart-Haas, it definitely opened people’s eyes. And with the challenges that have come about with Stewart-Haas, we were looking for a home for a long time, and that’s when I got introduced to [co-owners] Bob (Jenkins) and Jerry (Freeze).” – Gragson

Gragson’s expedition can be dissected into key phases, each contributing distinctively to his development as a driver:

Year Team Key Achievements
2020 JR Motorsports Rookie of the Year in Xfinity Series
2021 JR Motorsports Multiple wins, Playoff contender
2022 JR Motorsports Championship 4 appearance
2023 Stewart-Haas Racing Inaugural Cup Series top-10 finishes
2025 Front Row Motorsports Multiyear contract, future aspirations


Analyzing these phases reveals a course marked by growth and resilience. In 2020, Gragson’s recognition as Rookie of the Year in the Xfinity Series established his potential. The subsequent seasons saw him consistently performing and contending for top spots, culminating in a Championship 4 appearance in 2022. Shifting to Stewart-Haas Racing in 2023, Gragson displayed his adaptability and skill, securing his initial top-10 finishes in the Cup Series.

“Being able to sit down with them and talk and see what their goals were, what their vision was, and the thing that stuck out in my mind most importantly is what Jerry said when we met was Bob’s goal is to grow each and every year, and through the experiences that I’ve had in the last several years it’s been fun to challenge myself.” – Gragson

Team Dynamics at Front Row Motorsports

The team dynamics at Front Row Motorsports are poised for substantial transformation with the expansion to a three-vehicle operation and the tactical inclusion of new drivers. This strategic move signifies a crucial shift, aimed at strengthening their competitive edge in the NASCAR landscape.

With the current driver of the No. 34 Ford, Michael McDowell, set to depart for Spire Motorsports next season, the team is undergoing a noteworthy reconfiguration.

Front Row Motorsports will continue to rely on the consistency of Todd Gilliland, who has committed to piloting the No. 38 car under a multiyear contract beginning in 2025. Gilliland’s renewed commitment ensures a degree of continuity amidst the broader organizational changes. His experience and familiarity with the team’s operational ethos will be essential as the team integrates new talent and adapts to an expanded operational framework.

“Todd and I have been racing each other for the past, probably, 10 years, We had some fierce battles on the race track, became teammates over at Kyle Busch Motorsports and it’s going to be nice to be able to rekindle that relationship on the race track as teammates now.

“It’s been a few years in between, but I think from all our learnings from the past organizations that we both had been at we can definitely work together and help each other to become better.” – Gragson 

The introduction of a third vehicle and the signing of new drivers, including the high-profile addition of Noah Gragson, necessitate coordination and resource allocation. This expansion will likely involve enhancing the technical and support staff to maintain competitive performance across all three vehicles.

The departure of McDowell, a seasoned and respected driver, introduces a variable that Front Row Motorsports must adeptly manage. Balancing the infusion of fresh talent with the existing skill set of Gilliland, the team’s leadership must prioritize effective communication and a unified strategic vision.

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Gragson’s Journey Through NASCAR

Having navigated a challenging path in NASCAR, Gragson’s career adventure offers a blend of promising achievements and challenging setbacks. From his early days in part-time roles to his current position in the Cup Series, Gragson’s path exemplifies resilience and adaptability.

“I think just from a young age, I was taught loyalty and loyalty in people,”

“Bob and Jerry have given me an opportunity so I do feel like there’s opportunity to grow as a leader, as a driver on and off the race track and having that stability. I’ve jumped around from JR Motorsports in 2022, to Legacy last year, and at Stewart-Haas this year, Front Row next year that’s four teams in four years.” – Gragson

Gragson’s introduction to the NASCAR Cup Series came in 2022, where he participated in 18 races. His performance in a part-time capacity for Kaulig Racing and a relief role for Hendrick Motorsports laid the groundwork for his subsequent full-time endeavor. In 2023, he joined Legacy Motor Club, competing in 21 races in the No. 42 Chevrolet. Unfortunately, an indefinite suspension truncated his rookie campaign, sidelining him for the remaining 15 races.

“To be able to come into the race shop after a year under my belt and already know the employees’ names January 1 and build relationships, that’s important to me.” – Gragson 

The 2024 season marked a significant shift as Gragson secured a seat with Stewart-Haas Racing, piloting the No. 10 Ford. Through 20 races, he has achieved one top-five finish, six top 10s, and maintains an average finish of 18.3. These statistics reflect his ability to consistently perform, despite the highly competitive nature of the Cup Series.

Future Prospects and Team Expectations

Anticipating Gragson’s continued expansion and potential, Front Row Motorsports envisions a promising future supported by a thoughtful blend of youth and experience within their driver lineup. The multiyear deal with Noah Gragson reflects the team’s calculated commitment to nurturing emerging talent while capitalizing on their growing skills within the competitive landscape of NASCAR.

Team co-owner Bob Jenkins’s enthusiasm highlights Gragson’s yet untapped potential, showcasing his continuous improvement and adaptability. “The thing I’m most excited about with Noah is that he’s not even really hit his peak. He’s still evolving in the sport, getting better every week, and I’m just excited to see where it goes,” Jenkins remarked. This sentiment aligns with the team’s broader approach to develop a strong, dynamic roster capable of sustained success.

“Without knowing exactly who’s going be driving our third car, it’s hard for me to say everything, But I think this is what you can expect. I think you’re going to have three young but experienced drivers that they’re youthful, that they’ve gotten that first couple of years out of the way and I think people will look at Front Row Motorsports and say ‘this is a team that could be together for a long time.”

“The thing I’m most excited about with Noah is that he’s not even really hit his ceiling. He’s still growing in the sport, getting better every week and I’m just excited to see where it goes.” – Jenkins 

In addition to Gragson, Front Row Motorsports currently fields Todd Gilliland, another young driver whose performance path aligns with the team’s growth objectives. The announcement of a third driver for 2025 remains pending, but Jenkins hinted at another ‘young, experienced’ addition, suggesting a balanced approach to driver development. This mix of emerging talent and seasoned expertise aims to improve the team’s competitive edge and fortify its standing in the series.

As Front Row Motorsports continues to refine its lineup, the integration of these drivers is expected to foster synergistic growth, leveraging each member’s strengths and experiences. The calculated infusion of youthful energy, coupled with strategic guidance, positions the team for potential advancements in both consistency and race outcomes.

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News in Brief: Noah Gragson Joins Front Row Motorsports

The multiyear agreement between Noah Gragson and Front Row Motorsports for the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series season highlights a strategic improvement of the team’s driver roster. This move demonstrates Front Row Motorsports’ dedication to competitive development and showcases Gragson’s increasing potential within the NASCAR landscape.

By collaborating with the Ford Performance Organization, the partnership aims to boost competitive performance, setting a promising path for both Gragson’s career and the team’s future goals.

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