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FRM Eyeing Stewart’s Xfinity Drivers for Cup Amid Rumors

FRM Eyeing Stewart’s Xfinity Drivers: Front Row Motorsports (FRM) is reportedly setting its sights on Stewart-Haas Racing‘s Xfinity Series talents, Cole Custer and Riley Herbst, to potentially fill the void left by Michael McDowell’s departure. Custer’s technical expertise and Herbst’s dynamic energy, paired with his Monster Energy sponsorship, present compelling options for FRM’s strategic expansion into the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series. This prospective move could greatly enhance FRM’s competitive edge while simultaneously altering the driver landscape.

Key Highlights

  • FRM is considering Cole Custer and Riley Herbst from Stewart-Haas Racing’s Xfinity Series for their 2025 NASCAR Cup Series lineup.
  • Cole Custer’s technical expertise and performance make him a strong candidate for FRM’s expanded Cup Series team.
  • Riley Herbst’s youthful energy and Monster Energy sponsorship are significant assets for FRM’s driver considerations.
  • Michael McDowell’s departure has left two vacancies in FRM’s 2025 Cup Series roster.
  • FRM aims to enhance competitiveness and attract talent and sponsors with the additional charter and new driver lineup.

Front Row Motorsports’ Expansion Announcement

Front Row Motorsports recently declared their strategic plan to strengthen their presence in the NASCAR Cup Series by securing an extra charter for the 2025 season. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the team, which currently operates two Ford Mustangs, car numbers 34 and 38. The move aligns with FRM’s long-term vision of improving its competitive edge and overall footprint within the series.

The timing of FRM’s announcement appears to be strategically aligned with the impending changes at Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR). With SHR set to cease its four-car charter operation by the end of the 2024 season, the availability of charters presents a unique opportunity for teams like FRM to capitalize on the evolving landscape of NASCAR. This development could potentially alter the competitive dynamics within the Cup Series, as FRM aims to utilize its expanded resources to achieve better performance outcomes.

FRM Eyeing Stewart's Xfinity Drivers

Vacancies and Potential Candidates

With Michael McDowell’s departure and FRM’s acquisition of a new full-time charter, the team faces the critical task of filling two vacant spots for the upcoming 2025 season. This presents a crucial moment for Front Row Motorsports (FRM) as they strategize to maintain and enhance their competitive standing in NASCAR’s top-tier division.

Owner Bob Jenkins has made strategic moves to potentially strengthen the team by visiting Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) last week. This visit has sparked significant speculation regarding FRM’s interest in SHR’s current Xfinity Series drivers, Cole Custer and Riley Herbst. Both drivers have shown significant potential and could seamlessly move to the Cup Series, bringing with them valuable sponsorships—Haas Automation for Custer and Monster Energy for Herbst.

Analyzing the potential fit, Cole Custer’s expertise and technical knowledge make him a strong candidate. His familiarity with top-tier racing and a proven track record in both the Xfinity and Cup Series positions him as a viable option to fill one of the vacant seats. Custer’s association with Haas Automation could also provide a strong financial foundation, supporting FRM’s operational and developmental goals.

Riley Herbst, on the other hand, offers youthful enthusiasm coupled with impressive on-track performances. His sponsorship with Monster Energy is particularly enticing, given its strong brand presence and marketing skills. Herbst’s inclusion could infuse fresh talent and energy into FRM’s roster, aligning well with the team’s long-term vision.

Expansion Speculations and Potential Buyers

As FRM announces its expansion to a three-car charter, speculation mounts about potential buyers for the charters being sold by Stewart-Haas Racing. Trackhouse Racing, 23XI Racing, and Legacy Motor Club are reportedly leading the interest. This development is stirring discussions within the NASCAR community, prompting an analysis of the strategic moves these teams might be considering.

Trackhouse Racing, which has swiftly risen to prominence, is seen as a strong contender. Led by Justin Marks and bolstered by the star power of co-owner Pitbull, Trackhouse Racing has demonstrated an impactful growth strategy. Acquiring additional charters would align with their ambition to solidify their status as a dominant force in the Cup Series.

Similarly, 23XI Racing, co-owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan and NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, has been vocal about its expansion plans. With Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick already part of their roster, securing more charters could provide the team with the advantage needed to attract top-tier talent and sponsors, thereby enhancing their competitive edge.

Legacy Motor Club, a team with deep roots in NASCAR history, is also reportedly in the mix. Given their storied past and commitment to regaining prominence, acquiring more charters could be a strategic move. This not only would increase their presence on the track but also could attract lucrative sponsorship deals, ensuring financial stability and competitiveness.

The sale of Stewart-Haas Racing’s charters represents a significant opportunity in the NASCAR landscape. As these teams vie for expansion, the strategic implications extend beyond merely increasing the number of cars on the grid. The successful acquisition of these charters could redefine team dynamics, competitive balance, and the future trajectory of these ambitious racing entities.

FRM Eyeing Stewart's Xfinity Drivers

Bob Pockrass’s Insights

Amid the swirling speculations about NASCAR team expansions and charter acquisitions, noted insider Bob Pockrass provided his own analysis, suggesting that FRM’s recent announcement may not necessarily indicate a direct purchase of another charter from Stewart-Haas Racing.

Pockrass, known for his incisive insights into the sport, took to Twitter to clarify that the coinciding news does not confirm any strategic link between the two teams.

Pockrass emphasized that Front Row Motorsports (FRM) will continue to field two full-time and one part-time driver in the 2024 Cup Series season. Additionally, he pointed out that FRM will maintain its presence in the Truck Series with Layne Riggs piloting the No. 38 Ford F-150.

“Front Row Motorsports announces it has obtained a charter (doesn’t specifically say SHR but the timing isn’t a coincidence) to expand to three Cup teams next year. Drivers TBD (Todd Gilliland is expected to be one of the three). It also said it will continue its truck program.” – Pockrass

This continuity in their truck program signals FRM’s strategic focus on developing talent across multiple racing platforms rather than merely expanding its Cup Series footprint through charter acquisition.

In terms of future prospects, Pockrass speculated that Todd Gilliland could be a key player for FRM’s 2025 Cup Series team. This aligns with FRM’s apparent long-term strategy of nurturing young talent within their ranks, potentially elevating them to higher competition levels.

Such a move highlights FRM’s commitment to building a sustainable talent pipeline rather than relying solely on external acquisitions or mergers.

Uncertainty for Stewart-Haas Racing Drivers

The future of Stewart-Haas Racing’s drivers hangs in the balance as they enter the free agent market, creating significant uncertainty for their Cup Series prospects. With all four of its drivers—Kevin Harvick, Aric Almirola, Chase Briscoe, and Cole Custer—potentially seeking new contracts, the team faces a critical moment in its strategic planning for the next season.

Kevin Harvick, a stalwart in the Cup Series with numerous victories and a championship to his name, remains a linchpin for the team. However, his eventual retirement looms large, prompting questions about who will fill his shoes.

Aric Almirola has shown consistent performance but has yet to secure a long-term commitment. Chase Briscoe, the young talent with significant potential, still needs to solidify his place as a top-tier driver. Cole Custer, despite showing flashes of brilliance, has experienced a rollercoaster of form, making his future equally uncertain.

The uncertainty surrounding these drivers could have profound implications for Stewart-Haas Racing’s competitive edge. The team must weigh the benefits of retaining experienced hands like Harvick and Almirola against the potential of nurturing younger talents such as Briscoe and Custer. This balancing act is complicated by the broader market dynamics, with other teams potentially eyeing these drivers for their own rosters.

As the free agent market heats up, Stewart-Haas Racing’s management is under scrutiny to make decisive moves to secure a strong lineup that can deliver consistent results. The outcome of these negotiations will not only shape the team’s fortunes but also reverberate across the NASCAR Cup Series landscape.

FRM Eyeing Stewart's Xfinity Drivers

News in Brief: FRM Eyeing Stewart’s Xfinity Drivers

The potential acquisition of Cole Custer and Riley Herbst by Front Row Motorsports highlights a strategic move aimed at enhancing team performance and competitiveness in the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series season. Custer’s technical expertise and Herbst’s energetic presence, combined with Monster Energy sponsorship, provide valuable assets for FRM.

This strategic realignment not only strengthens FRM’s driver roster but also initiates significant shifts across the NASCAR driver landscape, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the sport’s competitive environment.

Our Reader’s Queries

Q: Who are Stewart-Haas Xfinity drivers?

A: Stewart-Haas Racing to close after 2024: Tony Stewart and Gene Haas decide to shutter the team, impacting drivers Chase Briscoe, Josh Berry, Noah Gragson, and Ryan Preece.

Q:  Who drives for Stewart-Haas in 2024?

A: Stewart-Haas Racing’s four-car Cup team currently fields the Nos. 4, 10, 14, and 41 Fords for drivers Josh Berry, Noah Gragson, Chase Briscoe, and Ryan Preece, respectively.

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