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Shane Van Gisbergen Claims The Loop 110 Pole at NASCAR Chicago

Shane Van Gisbergen Claims The Loop 110 Pole: Shane van Gisbergen’s commanding performance during the qualifying sessions for The Loop 110 at NASCAR Chicago has solidified his reputation as a formidable force on the track. His ability to navigate the detailed downtown street circuit with precision and speed allowed him to outpace competitors, including Kyle Larson, and secure the pole position. This achievement not only shows his driving skills but also sets the stage for a highly anticipated race. As the main event approaches, one can’t help but wonder how van Gisbergen’s pole position advantage will influence the dynamics of this challenging and unpredictable race.

Key Takeaways

  • Shane van Gisbergen secured pole position for The Loop 110 in the Xfinity Series at NASCAR’s downtown Chicago event.
  • The Loop 110 is part of NASCAR’s return to downtown Chicago, featuring a challenging street course in Grant Park.
  • Van Gisbergen’s pole position came after intense practice and qualifying sessions, highlighting driver skill.
  • Multiple crashes occurred at Turn 4 during practice, adding to the race’s challenging nature.
  • The main race, The Loop 110, is scheduled for 2:30 p.m., showcasing top drivers like Van Gisbergen and Larson.

Event Overview and Setup

Amid heightened excitement and planning, NASCAR’s return to downtown Chicago for its subsequent year has transformed Grant Park and the surrounding streets into a high-octane racing circuit, showcasing both the thrill of motorsport and the logistical skill required to execute such a grand event.

This urban spectacle, known for its unique combination of scenic beauty and competitive fervor, has once again focused attention on the details of hosting a large-scale event in a bustling metropolitan area.

The setup of the race track, while a marvel of engineering and planning, has not been without its controversies. To address concerns from the previous year, NASCAR has shortened the setup time significantly in an effort to minimize the impact on the city’s daily activities. Despite these efforts, the extensive list of downtown street closures has elicited mixed reactions from local businesses.

Some proprietors appreciate the influx of tourists and potential customers, while others lament the disruption to their regular operations.

The detailed process of converting city streets into a professional-grade race track involves a symphony of coordination among different city departments, contractors, and NASCAR officials. Safety barriers, grandstands, and hospitality suites must be positioned, all while ensuring the least possible inconvenience to local residents and commuters.

This year’s efforts to streamline the setup have included advanced planning and more efficient deployment of resources, reflecting a commitment to refining the event’s impact.

Amid the logistical challenges, the visible excitement surrounding the race underscores its importance to both motorsport enthusiasts and the broader Chicago community. The event stands as a tribute to NASCAR’s ability to adapt and thrive in an urban environment, balancing the demands of a high-stakes competition with the realities of city life.

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Xfinity Series Practice and Qualifying

As the city streets echoed with the roar of engines, the Xfinity Series practice and qualifying sessions unfolded with intensity, setting the stage for Shane van Gisbergen to clinch pole position for The Loop 110. This morning marked the initial time drivers navigated the intricate street course, with the event proving to be a genuine test of skill and adaptability.

Van Gisbergen, last year’s Cup Series race winner, demonstrated his prowess by securing the top spot, showcasing a blend of precision and speed. He will lead the grid alongside Cup Series points leader Kyle Larson, adding an extra layer of excitement and competition to the race. The presence of nine drivers participating in both Xfinity and Cup races further amplifies the stakes, as these dual competitors bring a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the track.

The practice session was far from smooth, with numerous red flags caused by crashes, particularly at the notoriously tricky Turn 4. The slick, narrow streets demanded the utmost concentration and control from every driver, making each lap a battle against both the clock and the challenging course conditions.

Young Connor Mosack, in his debut of two scheduled NASCAR Xfinity Series starts, turned heads by securing a stellar third place in qualifying. Right behind him, seasoned NASCAR Cup Series driver Ty Gibbs slid into fourth, piloting the No. 19 Toyota GR Supra with his usual flair. Sam Mayer rounded out the top five, showing promise as always.

John Hunter Nemechek and Parker Kligerman, who qualified sixth and seventh respectively, faced setbacks. Both had to drop to the back of the pack due to engine changes during the weekend. It’s a tough break for these competitors, but they’ll be fighting their way up the field come race time.

Austin Hill, set to start 13th, and Sammy Smith, 14th, had no major issues but find themselves deeper in the grid than they’d like. Riley Herbst in 20th, Ryan Sieg in 22nd, Josh Williams in 30th, and Brandon Jones in 32nd are also looking at uphill battles.

One of the day’s major stories was Justin Allgaier, who faced a harrowing crash into the tire barriers at Turn 4 during practice. The No. 7 BRANDT Chevrolet Camaro suffered significant damage, compounded when Alon Day collided with the stopped vehicle. The Alpha Prime Racing machine was left in ruins, and Allgaier will be starting from 36th, with Day unable to make the field.

Sage Karam, behind the wheel of the No. 26 for Sam Hunt Racing, encountered trouble during practice, preventing him from posting a qualifying time. He’ll start 38th, marking a tough start for the former IndyCar driver.

Sheldon Creed showed blazing speed in practice but suffered an engine issue in the closing moments, leaving his Joe Gibbs Racing team unable to get the No. 18 Toyota GR Supra ready in time for qualifying. Creed will have to make his charge from the 37th position.

In the most crowded Xfinity Series entry list of the season, five drivers failed to qualify for the highly anticipated second race at the Chicago Street Course. Ty Dillon (#4 JD Motorsports), Thomas Annunziata (#6 JD Motorsports), Brad Perez (#35 Joey Gase Motorsports), Alon Day (#45 Alpha Prime Racing), and Kenko Miura (#53 Joey Gase Motorsports) were left on the outside looking in.

It’s shaping up to be a thrilling race with plenty of storylines to watch. From Mosack’s impressive debut to the determined comebacks of Nemechek and Kligerman, the Chicago Street Course promises excitement and drama at every turn.

Driver Position Notable Incident
Shane van Gisbergen Initial Secured Pole Position
Kyle Larson 2nd Strong Performance
Multiple Drivers Diverse Crashes at Turn 4
Nine Dual Participants Assorted Competing in Both


The drama and intensity of the morning’s activities have set a thrilling prelude to the afternoon’s main event. With Van Gisbergen on pole and Larson close behind, the stage is perfectly set for a high-octane showdown in The Loop 110.

Race Schedule and Events

The highly anticipated racing schedule kicks off with the Cup Series qualifying for the Grant Park 165 at 11:30 a.m., followed by the centerpiece event, the Xfinity Series The Loop 110, at 2:30 p.m. This carefully planned schedule guarantees spectators are treated to a full day of thrilling motorsport action.

Qualifying for the Grant Park 165 is a critical component of the day’s events, setting the stage for tomorrow’s much-awaited race. The drivers will tackle the 2.2-mile street course, a challenging layout that demands precision and skill. As the qualifying session unfolds, fans can expect to see intense competition as drivers vie for best starting positions, knowing that a strong performance here can be crucial for success in Sunday’s race.

At 2:30 p.m., all eyes will turn to the Xfinity Series The Loop 110, the day’s main attraction. This 50-lap race not only showcases the talents of some of the best road course drivers but also serves as a harbinger of the excitement to come. Cole Custer, last year’s winner, returns with the formidable task of defending his title against a field of hungry competitors. The Loop 110 promises high-stakes drama, as drivers navigate the details of the street course, balancing speed and strategy in pursuit of victory.

The structure of today’s racing action is designed to optimize engagement, offering fans a seamless blend of strategic qualifying sessions and high-octane racing. As the day progresses, anticipation builds for the crowning event, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

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Entertainment and Weather

Today’s schedule not only showcases high-energy racing but also a vibrant array of entertainment set against the backdrop of ideal weather conditions. This year’s event promises a harmonious blend of motor sports and musical extravaganza, ensuring that attendees experience the best of both worlds.

Kicking off the entertainment lineup, Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy graces the DraftKings Stage in Festival Field. Known for his electrifying guitar solos and soulful voice, Buddy Guy is poised to deliver a performance that will resonate with blues fans and newcomers alike.

Following his act, a special Chicago House Music showcase will take center stage, celebrating the city’s rich musical heritage. This showcase is expected to captivate the audience with its infectious rhythms and energizing beats, paying homage to the genre that originated in the Windy City.

As the sun sets, the evening entertainment promises to enhance the experience further. The Black Keys, renowned for their gritty, blues-infused rock sound, will undeniably captivate festival-goers with a set list full of hits.

Their raw, energetic performance will seamlessly shift into the pulsating beats of The Chainsmokers. Known for their chart-topping electronic dance music, The Chainsmokers are ready to close the night with a high-energy performance that will have the crowd dancing into the night.

Unlike last year’s weather-shortened concerts, today’s forecast predicts mostly sunny skies, ensuring ideal conditions for all scheduled festivities. 

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News in Brief : Shane Van Gisbergen Claims The Loop 110 Pole

Shane van Gisbergen’s securing of the pole position for The Loop 110 at NASCAR Chicago underscores the high level of skill and competitive spirit prevalent among the drivers.

The rigorous practice and qualifying sessions have further exemplified the demanding nature of the downtown street circuit.

As the main race approaches, anticipation builds for a thrilling contest, promising to showcase the drivers’ exceptional talent and determination in what is set to be a memorable event.

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